Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update & Old Hickory

So far, so good. Arlene’s daughter emailed me that Grey Horse Matters made it through the surgery and was doing well. Billie at Camera Obscura posted a charming photo of Rafer Johnson in his new cast. We’re so pleased that he’s in good spirits and that Hanna didn’t do damage to them in North Carolina.

Now, it’s our turn. We got several inches of rain last night, but the brunt of it is going to hit us this evening. My big concern is the wind. We’ve got these huge old Beech trees next to our house that shade our slate patio. They are so beautiful, like giant green umbrellas. And there are two enormous Hickory trees near the barn and the pasture. I know that lots of people cut down trees that grow too large near their houses, but we can’t bear to do it. They are like trusted sentinels on our land. Each tree here seems to have its own personality and story to tell.

I’m reminding myself that between Old Hickory and the barn, the former owner of this property buried her beloved white horse. So, let the Spirit of the White Horse protect us as Hanna drops by for a visit tonight.


AnnL said...

Wishing you luck in the storm tonight. Up here in northern Mass the winds are only expected to be about 40mph, which isn't too bad. You'll be getting the stronger winds before it hits me. I hope all the trees stand strong.


LJB said...

I'm sending deep root energy to your trees -- like a grounding exercise any of us can do, to connect us downward. Mark Rashid talks about 'bottom weighting' when we ride. Well, let's bottom weight those beloved trees, and blow a breath toward Hannah to part her winds so they circumnavigate your home.

A little rain here will be welcome so feel free to ask it to pass you by and wet our landscape further north.

billie said...

What a gorgeous tree!

I hope Hanna passes through with only the minimal effects. We had rain off and on through the night, which we can use, although I see on the local news site that many folks close to us got flooded.

We have some wind, but it seems to be dying down now and was never really strong or scary. Only Rafer and Salina spent the night enclosed; the geldings had stall doors open to paddocks as usual.

We apparently lost power briefly, as the stove-top clock is blinking, and our internet was out for several hours this morning.

I spoke to our vet yesterday about what he does with his horses when there are high winds. He said if the barn structure is solid keep them in. If you have a huge area w/o danger of trees falling, or things flying around, letting them out is fine too.

He remembered back to Hurricane Fran 12 or so years ago and said that many horses who had been left out ended up with huge, deep gashes from pieces of tin and other sharp materials flying around.

I'm sending out more of those swirls of good thoughts for everyone on the East Coast during this season.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Hope all stays safe for you and those around you

Janet Roper said...

What a beautiful tree! I'm sending grounding energy to y'all, including the Tree People. You know White Horse is with you.

Carolynn said...

What a beautiful tree, such texture and personality. It definitely has a wise-old soul aura.

How lovely to have two wonderful guardian spirits around you, such as White Horse and Old Tree.

Snuggle in tonite and rest easy.


Twinville said...

The perspective of that tree reminds me of those tree people in Lord of the Rings. It looks like our tree spirit is strong and protective.


deejbrown said...

We have several dead trees on our property.
They are important food larders for the woodpeckers--I figure the trees are making their way up a different kind of chain.