Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Okay for Now

As I filled the horses’ water buckets at 6:30 this morning, I was wondering how it would feel to be comfortably settled into a routine that had no stress. I have some neighbors who get up every morning, go to the same job they’ve had for many years, get their weekly paychecks, mow their lawns, watch their kids’ soccer games and sleep soundly each night. Some folks might call that boring, but in this troubled world I find it so appealing.

So, drinking my coffee and standing in Silk’s stall, I stopped to appreciate this one day where everything was okay right here, right now. Siete is feeling better. Silk isn’t itching. My dog, Pepper, finally ate some food and slept comfortably last night. My daughter is happy in her new school. Even though my mom is seeing imaginary people out by the barn, I can deal with that. We’re not recovering from or waiting for a hurricane, although that may change by the weekend.

Every day, all of us face unexpected challenges. I know it’s more than likely an illusion that my neighbors live so calm and happy in their routines. But as you know, I also treasure the days that I can find real peace in my chaotic life.


Callie said...

I look at the chaos in this household as just part of the routine here! The norm! I think I'd be bored if it was a routine like your neighbor's.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear everyone's feeling better. That's a little bit of stress off your mind.
What I wouldn't give for a day that was just calm and peaceful. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that for most people, we all have some stress in one form or another. When we get a day to just be peaceful and relax it should be treasured and enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

A friend once told me "Don't judge your insides by other people's outsides" - so true.

Glad you are having moments of peace and calm, if not days. And glad all the animals are feeling better!

LJB said...


Today, enjoying lunch on a porch at a cafe at the local apple orchard, I said to RNB, "Life is good."

In that moment, it was. How lovely!

Pony Girl said...

I just found out one of my student's at school got a new puppy. And they named it Chaos! I thought that was so cute.
I think we might imagine our neighbors are living easy calm lives, but I think everyone has their own little chaos, we just don't see it ;)
I think things will slow down this fall and winter. There is just a peacefulness to the change of seasons.....

Gecko said...

Well this is great to hear!! I love it when times like this come along, but I often wonder what life is planning on throwing me next. We will see!

billie said...

So glad you had a lovely moment and the grace and wisdom to recognize it! There will be more of those moments - there always are. Big hug to the girls and to Pepper, who shared the moment with you.

Carolynn said...

Amen to that.

I like to be appreciative of every moment, however, I do gecko's perspective of wondering how long the good times will last before the cycle starts downward again. The good thing is, if I can ride those out, it always heads back up again.

One step at a time.

Twinville said...

I think you're right. That it's just an illusion. I used to think my cousin and his wife had the best and most loving relationship ever.....and then one day they announced they were getting divorced after 20 years and two children.

My parents raised me to 'always keep what goes on in our house, behind closed doors'.
They smiled like we were always happy and acted so fake in front of friends, family and strangers. Everyone thought they were perfect citizens and wonderful people and we had the most perfect life.
But in reality, life was really awful behind our closed doors.

I'm not sure there is a true peace in life. We have to find it within our hearts. That's the only way I can go forth into each day. Not expecting life to give me solace, but to find it within the beautifully simple things and within my faith and heart.

I'm really pleased that you're having a some peaceful, calm moments and especially that Siete is doing better, too.