Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Change in the Air

It really feels like Autumn arrived last night. The temperature dropped, and this morning, I could tell that Silk was feeling the difference. Her energy level ramped up and she didn’t even want to eat grass on the way to the pasture gate. As soon as I let the horses loose, she took off in big running circles, stretching out on her own for the first time in so long. Siete wasn’t so sure, but her mama rolled up behind her and nudged her out for some play time.

Leaves are turning red and yellow, apples are ripe, and the sun is setting by suppertime. We’ve been gobbling up this year’s crop of Honey Crisps and some of us in this house are talking about what we’re going to be for Halloween this year.

After over 16 years of living in California, I am always delighted to be back on the East Coast in September. Putting on my flannel shirts and sweats to go feed the horses in the morning, I recalled that the “new year” always seems to begin after Labor Day for me. I can feel the high energy crackling, and I guess that Silk can too.


LJB said...

So, what is a honey crisp? Sounds like an autumn treat of some sort!

Victoria Cummings said...

A Honey Crisp is a great tart but sweet and very crispy apple. There aren't many trees around here since this kind of apple is relatively new, so they only come early in the season and disappear quickly because they taste so good.

Horse Gal said...

You know, today, for me, it felt a lot cooler than it has been! Maybe it will stay cooler. *knock on wood* :-)

Twinville said...

Oh yes, I remember Autumn on the East Coast. I never liked it during the hot and humid summer, but the Spring and Fall....aaaah! Wonderful.

Up here at 7,000 ft elevation, we had too many late frosts and hail storms to get any apples or other fruit on our trees. I'm pretty bummed about that, especially since not even the you pick apple orchards down in the valley had any apples grow this year either.

Doesn't seem like Fall without apples, you know.

Last night was the first time I closed all our windows at bedtime because the temps dropped down into the middle 40's. Brrr.

I think you're right that Autumn is here. But I fear that Winter is close behind....

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Esther Garvi said...

I so love Siete's white patch in her face, and the pair together here look amazing!

billie said...

Fall! It's exciting to feel it coming. Our horses are all beginning to grow in some winter coat, and a few trees are changing color a bit.

It's absolutely my favorite time of year. I'm looking forward to shutting off the AC and having open windows for a spell.