Friday, September 19, 2008

Frisky Weather

The minute I started to put the horses out in the pasture today, I could feel the difference. It’s frisky weather. The temperature dropped into the ‘40’s last night and will again tonight. Both Silk and Siete are just full of it. Siete was prancing as I led her to the gate. She pushed her nose against it before I could open it. It was a challenge since she knows that I don’t allow that kind of pushy behavior. We had to stop and wait and back up a few feet and wait again until she settled down enough to go forward calmly. As soon as I brought her inside and stepped back out, closing the gate, she took off.

I admit it made me really happy to see her bucking and running like a healthy horse. Meanwhile, Silk was pawing impatiently in her stall, digging a hole to China. She didn’t test me, but also had no interest in eating any grass when I offered her the opportunity. Once inside the gate, she took off after her daughter, and they ran themselves around like I haven’t seen them play all summer. I went inside to get my camera, but by the time I got back, they were all tired out.

Tonight, when I gave them dinner, they were all fired up again. The chill was in the air. Siete tried to knock the flake of hay out of my hands, so she had to wait until I fed Silk first. Once Siete stepped away from the door of her stall and waited nicely, she got her delicious second cut hay. It’s so soft and green that it looks good enough to make a salad out of. I love the smell of it. I wish that my energy was as high as theirs. I think Siete could sense that I was feeling vulnerable, and it stimulated her to try to get away with something, just like a kid testing the limits. These are the moments when I know to stand my ground and remember that every little thing makes a difference. Around here, we never let a horse rudely push her nose against the gate while we’re trying to open it --who knows where that could lead.


CadencedHoofbeats said...

Yay for fall weather! :) My horses love to run around in the cool, crisp mornings, too. And as soon as I run to get the camera, they must be a conspiracy! Ha ha ha!

Mmmm...2nd cut hay...I hope we get a good crop this year, too!

deejbrown said...

I love watching the horses respond to their innate wildness, but you are so right not to let them bully you at the gate, or anywhere else, for that matter. It just leads to greater dangers if they figure out they are stronger than you are!

the7msn said...

"Frisky weather" is the perfect name for it. I can just imagine your delight to see Siete acting like a healthy horse. Sounds like you've really turned the corner with this bout. Whew!