Sunday, September 21, 2008

Open Mind

I saw a quote from Albert Einstein this morning that was thought provoking on so many levels: "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

It made me consider how often these days I wind up face-to-face with resistance. Whether it’s coming from my horses, my teen-aged daughter, my aging mother or political candidates, there seems to be a lot of resistance flying around.

My immediate reaction used to be to get mad or annoyed. Often, I’ve tried to take control. But over the years, I’ve learned that it only builds more resistance and resentment between people and horse or people and people. Once I stop trying to force things to go my way and look at the situation from the other side, I find myself in this vast new territory. I allow myself to be open to all possibilities. It can be frightening to be so vulnerable, but it also gives me unexpected strength. And if the other person or horse meets me in this new terrain, we will make a connection to which we can return again and again.


Jen said...

Funny you say this....I've often said that just when I would "give up" forcing something, and resign myself that I may need to be content in the present circumstances, has often been what I wished for came true. Perhaps I was blocking some blessing by trying to earn it or gain it instead of letting it be given to me freely.

Very inspirational post today, Victoria. Thank you for the reminder!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I like your way of thinking and your thoughts on this, Victoria.

I've always been a quiet pacifist, laying low, not wanting to rock the boat. I've just believed that if I was kind and generous and non-confrontational that things would always go my way and that the stars, moon, and galaxies would line up and do my bidding.


I've learned over the years, especially now that I am a horse owner, this is not always going to be true.
Since I have started to take control, and to be more assertive, I am finding that I get the reults I want and desire. I'm not cruel, scary and not overly pushy, but I do make my desires known. And now I'm discovering that I'm not being ignored, walked over, and disrespected.

What a revelation. :)
Thanks again.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we quit forcing our own agenda.

billie said...

As I read this I kept thinking of your coyote experience and Ted Andrews' take on meeting the coyote.

I'm still exhausted from a long, busy Pony Club weekend, so I can't take it any further than that!

Callie said...

Nice post, so true. Being able to see things from a different perspective is the great thing I've discoverd about growing up!

GNH said...

When you try to apply control you're getting a horse to act more out of fear in my opinion. I think its better to have a horse act out of trust and respect rather than fear.

jodi said...

Frightening to be so vulnerable, indeed! It was obviously meant that I land on your blog this morning, grappling as I am with so many things (meanwhile, my horse is happy, barefoot and relaxing in the pasture). Maybe it's partly the change of seasons, but I feel better this morning for having read your wise words!

LJB said...

I love the Einstein quote. So true! I am grateful for the special people in my life who remind of this when I get stuck... time to take a step back and look with new eyes.