Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sending Positive Vibes

Time to send some more good vibrations out into the blogosphere for some of our friends. Today, I’m hoping that Lynda Polk and her horses, Starman and Marker, along with all the other horses in Texas, stay safe during Hurricane Ike’s visit. I’m also looking forward to a message from Strawberry Lane that she has taken possession of Shadow. And Mikey and Juli Thorson are rescuing a blind Appaloosa today in Idaho, so here’s wishing them a safe easy time of it. They are true horse heroes.

We’ve just come home from a funeral. One of our friends and neighbors, Grandpa Joe, who was 81 years old, unexpectedly left this earth. His spirit is still with us, and all week, we’ve been trying to help his family as they go through this sad time. He was a sweet gentleman who lived a long and admirable life. Everyone will miss him.

I’m still thinking about how last week, Billie and I were imagining these gigantic swirls of good energy. I’ve continued to watch the radar images of these hurricanes with their red and yellow and green spirals. So, as a counterpoint, I see similar circles with beautiful shades of purple, turquoise, pink and lavender or maybe a “web of light” with millions of starry points glowing as we all hang in there together and create a worldwide positive force of friendship and support.


Ewa said...

ooo, Victoria, what a lovely post is this. Very positive despite of mentioned funeral.
Good vibes travelled here - thank you!
I am sending them back too :)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I have two guardian masks that I am not using right now, they were used only once. I bought them for my horse Scooby, he is now completely blind, he won't wear masks-for some reason they bother him. If your friends horse that they are resucing isn't completely blind it might get some relief for these specially designed masks. Let me know.

billie said...

Me too, Victoria, and hoping that all the Texas folk I know are safe. I lived in Austin for nearly 4 years while in grad school and I loved it there.

I was at my parents' house last night, and as they have TV (we don't at our house) I watched some of the coverage on CNN.

It was difficult for me to hear things like "certain death" and "single family homes will be washed into the ocean."

I watched the huge swirl of Ike and tried to counter the gloom and doom with thoughts of my own. Driving home last night, we saw many gas stations with pumps shut down - sold out. And those open with no lines (this was nearing midnight, mind you) had prices nearing $5/gallon.

Very interesting to see how quickly manifestation operates. Hurricane in the gulf = possible gas shortage = panic - actual gas shortage b/c so many people rushed out and filled their gas tanks plus every container they had.


That said, we are about two signatures away from buying a big giant truck today. Weird how things work.

Sending good thoughts and possibility to all the folks you named.

deejbrown said...

Will be holding all in the Light....

Janet Roper said...

Sending Light & Harmony to all.

Rising Rainbow said...

I feel for those in the path of Ike as well. Such difficult times for many.

Lynda said...

Victoria, thanks for the kind thoughts. As you can read on Hoofbeats, we survived Ike. No one was hurt, and material things can be replaced. There were some scary moments, however, and an incredibly awe-inspiring display of the power of nature. We are grateful.