Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What We Wish For

When I go out to the barn, my horses stick their heads out of their stalls to greet me.
“I see you!” I call to them.

I was reading a wonderful book by Mark Nepo called “The Book of Awakening”. It’s a “day book”, with a short essay for every day of the year. He’s a poet who recovered from cancer and a near-death experience. His view of the world is wise and funny and loving.
The entry for December 31st tells how when Bushmen (and Bushwomen) in Africa greet each other, one calls, “I see you!” and the other answers, “Here I am!”

I’m certain that if my horses could talk, they’d reply to me, “Here I am!” Isn’t that what we are all looking for? The recognition of who we truly are and the comfort of knowing that someone else understands.

I wish everyone a New Year full of peace and hope and love. Here’s to 2008!


the kittens' mother said...

Hello Victoria, I have been visiting new blogs and have just founds yours. You have absolutely beautiful horses! Mum, my sister and I would love to move to America (we live in the UK) and have animals and land. I would love my own horse too.
In the post you said about having the comfort of knowing that someone understands who we are...I am extremely lucky, I have two cats, Tia who is nearly 7 and Rani who is nearly 2 years old. Tia is that "someone" who understands me. She is always there for me and we share happy moments and sad moments. As for Rani, she is still in the toddler stage and loves being chased. I walk up to her and say "I see you!" and she rolls on her back and stretches for me to tickle her tummy. She's a little sweetheart!
Hope you have a Happy New Year, from Meg (the kittens' mother), Tia and Rani xxx

Arlene said...

Even if we don't know who we truly are, our horses do. There is no one who can understand and comfort as our horses do. There is an old saying "Show me your horse and I will tell you what your are", or something close to that. It is a great feeling to walk through the barn and be greeted by happy horses, isn't it?
Happy New Year!!

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks for stopping in, Meg. Happy New Year to you too - I will visit your blog to see the kittens. We have two cats. BK (Black Kitty) who is a lively old fellow and Velcro, an orange striped prince. They drive our dear angel dog, Pepper, absolutely crazy. They share our bed, wake me up with a meowing frenzy every morning and entertain us endlessly.

Simply Marvelous said...

What a wonderful photo. Looks so inviting with the horses just waiting to greet you.

There is nothing like walking into the barn and being with the horses. They always fix whatever ails me.

How lucky we are to have that comfort zone waiting for us everyday.

Victoria Cummings said...

Arlene & SM - Your horses are lucky to have you as their "moms" - I wish more owners would realize what their horses have to offer. I've always loved that saying, "Show me your horse..." It's so true!

Nell said...

Hello, Victoria -- I've been enjoying your blog. I live not too far from you in the Hudson Valley -- so I hope your "lake" hasn't become a skating rink! This cold is supposed to let up by Saturday, fortunately.
Stay warm and keep writing -- !

lenoyed said...

Hello, Victoria -- I've been enjoying your blog. I live not too far from you, in the Hudson Valley. I hope your "lake" has not become a skating rink with this frigid weather! Better weather coming on Saturday, I hear.
I love horses, too, always have. My last horse was a beautiful Arab, but that was 15 years ago. Now I'm trying to return to riding (as a 52 yr old) and with luck I'll have another horse to call my own eventually. Meanwhile, I'll read your blog and dream!

Rising Rainbow said...

I love going out to the barn and having the faces looking out over the doors. Just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.