Monday, January 28, 2008

The Hay Fund

In response to my post about hay, I learned that my vet is starting what is known as The Hay Fund. Hay has sky-rocketed from $2.50 a bale to $12 a bale in some areas of the country. So, if it moves you to help, this is a reputable way to lend a hand:


Devastating drought conditions in the Southern US have led to a SEVERE hay shortage and loss of pasture.

Horses are starving, being sent to slaughter or simply set loose on back roads.

Local rescue organizations and equine foster homes are staggering under the burden. Without your help they will not be able to feed the horses they are desperately trying to save.

You can help us help these horses!

Your tax deductible donation will allow us to ship tractor trailer loads of hay to the most drought-stricken parts of the country.

Every penny you donate will go to buy and deliver hay where it is needed!

Please join us!

Send your donation check to or go to and click the PayPal image to donate immediately:

Fairfield Equine Foundation
Attn: Hay Fund
32 Barnabas Rd.
Newtown, CT 06470
If you would like a tax deductible receipt, please include your e-mail address or SASE so we can forward it to you.


Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

What a great concept. I am doing all I can here locally with the horse rescues. I am shaking down farmers who are hoarding hay and buying what I can for the rescues.
Glad to help and I am proud of you for doing your part. I was tagging you for the 7 things but I see you already have been tagged. I guess you are off the hook.

detroit dog said...

Hi VC.

I've just posted referencing your post and Fairfield Equine. Your mentioning of horse slaughter reminded me of an article that I'm wondering if you've read. It was in the Jan. 11 NY Times, titled "Horses Spared in U.S. Face Death Across the Border." Very moving and "eye opening."

Rising Rainbow said...

I have been working in my area to raise awareness and donations for the flood victims here in our five affected counties. Many animals were drowned and many more are homeless. I think it's been a terrible year lots of places.

Thanks for being involved. It takes all of us to get through times like these.

Bernie Berlin said...

The drought here in Tennessee this summer was awful and there are so many starving horses, that I am happy to see people help others:)
My friend is very active in Equine rescue here..
I love your blog and will be back to visit:)

Magdavia REX said...

I just wanted to say bravo.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW! What beautiful photo's! I'm afraid I know nothing about horses, other than they enjoy the odd Polo Mint(!) but I think yours are a lovely colour and very freindly looking!

Congrats on being a 'blog of note'!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think it is wonderful that Fairfield Equine has started a fund to help these poor horses, more Veterinary Clinics should get on board and do the same.I hope they can raise enough money to make a difference in these horses' lives. Farifield Equine is a reputable veterinarian clinic which I used until we moved from the area where they practice. They are knowledgeable and cared about my horses.