Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On A Different Note

Please check out today's post on my friend Billie's blog camera-obscura-billie.blogspot.com
It's an amazing story of the publication of Patry Francis' new book. Patry is unable to promote her first novel because she has cancer, so her friends and members of the literary community jumped in to help. I wish her great success and I'm going right over to Amazon to order a copy of the book.
And for the first time, I've been able to link to another post - So, that must mean something, right?


billie said...

Thank you SO MUCH!

Patry's book started out on Amazon this a.m. at 22,000-something and as of a few minutes ago had climbed to 380!!

Nolan Emmett said...

Very enjoyable and informative.


Nolan Emmett

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, I see that our link worked this time. Good for you.

drazhardaud said...

great blog!!