Wednesday, January 9, 2008


All the ice melted away today with the rain and warm temperatures. The horses were dying to go out, but I made them wait until late afternoon. They were so good about walking calmly to the pasture. Once the gate closed, they went wild. I actually had to cover my eyes because I was so afraid someone would crash through the fence or get hurt. Luckily, they seem to know how far to go. It probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do, but I couldn’t really imagine lunging them. They hadn’t really been able to run around since the snow we had before Christmas. Even though I was terrified, I was also awed by their beauty and grace. Horses need to be horses. Mine ran like the wind.

After about a half hour, they wore themselves out and stood around waiting for me to bring them back in for dinner. On their best behavior, they marched quietly to their stalls. I was so relieved that they could let that energy loose at long last. We’ve probably got one more day of good weather and then, more rain.

Let’s not tell my good girls what the forecast is. They deserve to kick up their heels some more before we get socked in again.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear the girls got out and enjoyed themselves today, I'm sure they feel better after their run. Hope the weather holds a little longer for their sakes.

Transylvanian horseman said...

It was good to allow them to let off steam. I was thinking about this, having seen a horse in England put a leg through a post and rail fence, injuring himself severely. However he was in a large field where he had space to canter and gallop, get moving flat out with his hind legs tracking wide. I'm guessing that yours, whilst impressive, were moving relatively slowly and were pretty well under control of their movements. Even if they made you nervous.

Victoria Cummings said...

It's quite a large space for them to run. They really race around, but it's interesting to see how they've learned to pace themselves along the fence-line. Fortunately, the "rails" are a flexible plastic that will unroll if they hit it. The posts are wooden posts. Two winters ago, Siete was frolicking and kicked one over. The horses who lived here before us used to occasionally jump the fence. My girls would never even think of doing that.

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