Monday, February 11, 2008

Things that Go Bump In the Night

Last night, around 9 pm, everyone was getting ready for bed inside our house. The wind was whistling and squealing around the windows in huge snowy gusts. I heard a crashing noise outside that sounded like it was coming from the barn. Now, I am normally a big wimp about going out in the dark alone at night. Fortunately, one of the wonderful things about where we live is that I am also much more secure here than I have ever been anywhere else. So, I knew that in order for me to sleep soundly, I had to go to the barn and check on the horses. It was also only 7F degrees outside, and I thought that it would help keep them warm if they had some more hay during the night. My husband and my daughter were already in their pajamas. I had to go it on my own.

I took a lantern and opened the back door into the darkness. A cold gust almost ripped it out of my hand. I was practically blown to the garage where I store the hay. The wind was roaring, and tree branches were creaking loudly like they were going to come crashing down any second.

I didn’t allow myself to think of anything except the task at hand. I grabbed the hay and clutching it to me, I doubled over and pushed against the wind to the barn. As soon as the lantern illuminated the area, I saw that the loud crash had been made when the pipe gate on the front corral blew open. I don’t know how the metal clip I use to secure the chain came undone. Anyone, animal or human, could come right into the corral and up to the front doors of the stalls. And either horse could conceivably break down the door and get loose in the entire yard. Needless to say, I was glad I came out to check on what was going on.

More important, the horses were very happy to see me. They were nervously sticking their heads out as I approached. I was very calm and cheerful, talking to them and petting them as I offered the hay. I could feel them settle down instantly. I secured the gate so it couldn’t blow open again and checked all the other doors and gates. With an enormous sense of relief, I headed back to the house.

Once inside, by the glow of my fireplace, I marveled at what I had just done. Not once had I been afraid that something scary would jump out and “get me”. All I thought about was how it’s my duty to help Silk and Siete feel safe. In doing so, I had conquered a lifelong fear of my own.


Transylvanian horseman said...

That sounds like quite a scary experience. You were brave to go out alone.

I've tagged you on my blog, do have a look.

Callie said...

I get creeped out with stuff like that especially since we have packs of very brave coyotes that often vusit our property.

Grey Horse Matters said...

There sure was a lot of wind last night, I'm glad I didn't have to go outside. It was bad enough just having to let the dogs in and out and stand by the freezing doors. I'm still convinced Spring is coming though I don't know when....

Carolynn said...

That's so funny. I used to have to go through the back of the barn to feed the ponies their last snack of the night and it would be what I refer to as "serial killer dark" in there. Freaky doesn't even begin to describe it. Then, I wised up and now I bring them their hay through the front of the barn. What can I seems that my approach to life is often that it's not worth doing if it's not done the hard way first.

Good for you for listening to your instincts too and finding the gate unlatched. I find that if I heed the quiet urgings of my inner voice, it never lets me down.


Davis-Crane said...

Thats a really amazing excerpt. I'm proud you went on your own, and I do hope that nothing ever does 'jump out and get you'!

thepowerguides said...

That was pretty brave of you sometimes howling winds make all kinds of things go bump in the night , I think we can all be over protective of our animals but shows one of our most important traits love ,care and kindness to our fellow creatures so well done.

One of the reasons I fell in love with Callie was her kindness to animals ( my reasoning was if she loved animals that may kick, scratch, bark ) then she might forgive me for some of my bad habits

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thanks for the kind words


Farm Girl said...

I believe we all have a sixth sense, even though trusting that 'feeling' doesn't come easy. Seems we have sort of lost that 'how to'. But more that once, like you just did, I'm so glad that I checked out that feeling to 'go and see'!

Netherfieldmom said...

I'm with you on this. I have been haying at 11pm for over a year now. I was scared for a long time. We got elec. to the barn in Dec. which made a big diff, but the walk is still far and dark and hubby is usually sleeping. I, too, am proud to do it now with little fear. Often it is very peaceful and then there are the nights like you had. Personal growth. :)

Bill Evertson said...

I think Siete and Silk have made a Karma match.

Strawberry Lane said...

Bravo for you!

Just proves, again, that you put your horses first above all else.

Gecko said...

Instinct is a wonderful thing if you are brave enough to tap into them, and then actually listen to them. I think a lot of the time, it's instinct pushes us to do things we don't even realise that's what's getting us to the task...and then gets us through it! There's some freaky weather around at the moment, all over the world...wonder what's happening? *oooohhhhh, spooky*

Anne said...

Doesn't it feel great to have conquered a fear?

And what a reward for the effort -- you made sure your horses were safe plus they got a little visit from you.

My fear is lightning. We get struck fairly often so it really isn't a good idea to go out. However, if it's been going on way past feeding time, I eventually have to go.

Just found your blog and added you to my blog roll. You've got a lot of good stuff -- and some great looking horses.

billie said...

We had terrible winds on Sunday afternoon/evening and I was here alone - I had a gate whip open as you describe but it was while I was opening it! Fortunately no horses involved - I was going through the gate to clear the arena.

We've had two trees blow down since we moved here, one on a fence, and the other one over a power line - so that's my fear w/ wind!

Glad you worked through yours - horses seem to bring that out in all of us, don't they?

Rising Rainbow said...

I hate when things go bump in the night.I'm glad it was something as simple as a gate.

Trée said...

Beautiful post Victoria. As they say, there is no traffic jam on the extra mile. Coming to your blog is like coming to a place of sincere love, a place where your care and concern for your two beautiful horses shines so clear and bright and is so uplifting in spirit.

EquineMan said...

Isn't that funny how we make sure all our animals are safe.. No matter how cold,dark,or scary it is.

Good for you for taking care of your friends.

I once blew one out of way off the scale and it turned out to be a trashcan lid chained to a feed can.

Thunder? Truck Theft? Horse Theft..Yeah I ran a scenario on all of them.

Well nice blog will social it and hope more people can enjoy your stories.

I sure did.

Ron Petracek

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