Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Positive Vibes

I was going to show you what the weather looks like today. I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the camera. I’ve already been out to the barn twice to clear ice from the drainage ditch and give the horses food and water. We had snow and then freezing rain last night. Now, we’re getting a couple of inches of torrential downpour. Tonight, it’s all supposed to freeze again. The path from the house to the barn is already a skating rink. The horses are hiding in Siete’s stall. The corral and arena are lakes on top of layers of snow and ice. I’m just praying the barn doesn’t flood.

So, I dug out some pictures of my hollyhocks and Echinacea in bloom and a lovely sunny afternoon with the horses happily grazing. Let’s enjoy them and send out the good warm vibes instead of getting depressed.

I’m thinking about the last line of a poem by Mary Oliver called “The Summer Day”:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”


Cassi said...

Over here in Sunny California... it was 70 something yesterday and 50 today... but I would give up the sun in a heartbeat to be able to live the life you have with your horses... thank you for sharing your world with us...

Cassi @ hamfamof5

Grey Horse Matters said...

It couldn't be a more miserable day today, but thank you for the lovely pictures of flowers and the promise of Spring.

Carolynn said...

I like your sunny outlook. As someone once said to me "The sun is always shining above the clouds."

I love your poem quote. It's inspired me to look it up and read it in its entirety.


Bill Evertson said...

I also looked up the poem. I think Silk and Siete will be providing wisdom for a long time. It's been horrible weather today and predicted to ice over. I hope you can keep the barn from flooding. I'm surprised you still posted. I'm sure you've had a hard day. Best

Gecko said...

Usually I'd say the usual, "It's summer here!" but it's cloudy and cold today, I actually have a jacket on!

Strawberry Lane said...

Beautiful pictures and inspiring words to get you past the miserable days.

No matter the "layers of snow and ice", my heart still wants to be right where you are ... in wonderful New England.

billie said...

Gorgeous flowers! I love echinacea!

I don't know how in the world you have time to garden AND take care of horses. We have several beautiful beds here that are not being cared for properly b/c I just don't have the time to get to them.

I used to garden quite a bit at our old house and was heartbroken to leave my beds and fruit trees and the wisteria I'd trained down the picket fence and gateway to our front door. And the climbing raspberry-scented roses on the arbor I built around my son's window. Sigh.

This house has a lot of potential for great gardening but I'm not sure I'll ever get to it!

Perhaps I can enjoy yours vicariously. :)

Netherfieldmom said...

Thank you so much. I have 1.5 days of frozen doots to muck out today, but at least it's sunny. Your flowers are a BIG boost. I'm thinking garden too, but it's hard to remember after awhile. I'm sure I'll keep checking your picture all day to remind myself. Happy Valentines Day.

Brynne said...

Good warm vibes sound good to me. this cold is supposed to be over soon right? I don't really pay attention to the groundhog anymore since usually he isn't accurate anyway.

Diane said...

I hope things have 'straightened' themselves out over there. I adored the photo, especially the hollyhocks.

I too love Mary Oliver -- what a great line to bear in mind.

I'm passing along an award to your blog if you care to stop by and pick it up.

Oh, and I hope you get that horse trailer!

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