Saturday, February 16, 2008

Strange Day But Excellent

There must be a ghost opening and closing the barn doors. I woke up this morning to see Siete standing in the middle of the front corral with her stall door wide open. Yesterday, as you read, she was stuck in the back corral with the stall door closed. Go figure!

I’m still fogged in by a terrible cold, but I did get a pleasant surprise that calls for a response. I’m delighted to receive an award from Diane at Alberta Postcards Her blog, with its gorgeous photos really brightens my day. I’m honored that she appreciates mine. This award originated at Mind Sieve Diane asks that I pass it along to 10 other blogs. Please pick up the award by clicking on it, and pass it along to your favorites.

So let me take this opportunity to recommend some of the wonderful folks who visit me regularly. You are all so interesting and generous that I hope everyone can expand their horizons even further by getting to know you:

1. Ewa, my lovely Polish friend who gardens at
2. Bill Evertson, a very talented and thoughtful artist at Under Construction/Art Contemplations
3. Tree, who creates incredible pictures and words at Decadent Tranquility
4. Gecko who is all the way over in Australia at Gecko Musings
5. Meg, my dear young friend in England with her kitties and beautiful needlework at the Kittens Mother
6. Farm Girl, who opens her heart at “My Life as I See It”
7. Detroit Dog, who loves greyhounds and other pups at “The Dog House”
8. Out of the Darkroom is a new California friend and horse owner
9. with her wonderful stories of long rides
10. Callie at who loves cowboy boots as much as I do

Please check out their blogs and see for yourself that they are EXCELLENT!


Trée said...

Victoria, what a wonderful gift. Thank you. And you know what, if my horses could talk, they wouldn't be complaining. :-)

I just realized your RSS feed is no longer working. When I try and reset it, I get an error message. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if you have manually somehow disabled the ability to bookmark a feed.

Thanks again for the thoughtful and kind words. Very much appreciated Victoria. :-)

Ewa said...

Dear Victoria, thank you for the award and for very kind words. But mostly I would like to thank you for your thoughtful and amusing stories I love to read :)

As tree mentioned before your rss feed is not working - I also, here in Poland :) ehe :) get the error message. if you disabled it let us know. you know you may shorten it just to headline, right?

Greetings to woman in the fogg from woman getting out of fogg :))

Victoria Cummings said...

Thank you, guys, for letting me know about the RSS feed problem. I added Feedburner, so that may be what's wrong. I just disabled it. Hopefully, things will be back to normal.

billie said...

Exciting to see so many new blogs to check out - congratulations to all!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations Victoria on your new award! You and thoroughly deserving of Award for Excellence!
You may not have ghosts concerning those stable doors, perhaps Siete is learning how to open latches out of boredom?

detroit dog said...

Victoria, You're so kind. Thank you so much for the award. (It's my first!) Congratulations to you; your blog is thoughtful and informative.

Re the RSS, I was having the same problem - it was stuck on Horse Quirks. Cleared up with this post.

As for Siete, maybe she has learned how to open the doors!

I hope you feel better soon.

jodi said...

Victoria, I'm sorry you're beleaguered with a cold--and with bad weather. We must have had some of the same weather, as we were pounded with two snowstorms and a rainstorm this week. Now, we have ice--wayyyyy too much ice for Leggo to go outside, so he's been in since Tuesday AND. IS. NOT. IMPRESSED. If the weather is improved today (less wind, less frigid) I may take a bunch of ibuprofen, tack him up, head up the road and see what happens. We have a deal--no "Airs above the ground' out of him, and I won't ride him in the hunt. But I haven't been on him for six months, so there will likely be a crowhop or too.
I'm also delighted to see that you received a well-deserved award AND have passed it on to other equally deserving individuals. Share the love round, right?

Gecko said...

Thanks for the award hun! You definetly deserved one.

Farm Girl said...

Thank you for the award! It was a nice surprise! Here's hoping that you are feeling better today.

Callie said...

Thank-you, Victoria.....I'll put it up in the couple of days....

M. C. Valada said...

Thank you Victoria. What a lovely present today!

Wenda said...

Victoria ~ What a treat to follow the excellent blog award trail back here. So much more to enjoy than I have time for today, but I'll be back.