Monday, February 25, 2008

A Measure of Spirit

It’s a brilliantly blue day, with snow and ice melting in the warm sun. Silk is being Zen horse again, but Siete bounces back and forth along the pasture fence looking for somewhere to put all her pent-up energy. My arms still ache from shoveling the heavy snow. My brain is a bit fuzzy and lazy, ready to hibernate for a few more weeks until Spring arrives. I stood in Silk’s stall and watched Siete prancing in the snow. She’s frustrated that it’s too deep and icy stiff to really run across to the pine trees on the other side of the smooth, shimmering white carpet.

Siete’s got a stronger spirit than I do. It’s not the first time that I’ve felt this way. When she was only a few weeks old, I was in her corral, and she spun around and kicked me on my thumb. I was shocked that my loving, adorable filly would turn on me. Cowboy Joe, her godfather and trainer, warned me, “She’s going to test you every day. Watch how her mom handles her. Remember, every little thing you do teaches her something new.” For a while, I wondered if I was ready to take on that big an assignment. Once I realized that there were no deadlines, I decided I was up for the challenge. I believe that I can guide her without having to damage her strength.

Today, Siete reminds me of the impatience and ambition I had when I was young. My own daughter, at age 12, mirrors our little horse with that slightly reckless and optimistic attitude. Siete wanted to run free, even though her good sense prevailed. Mama Silk stood in the sun, contented and wise enough to know that you simply enjoy each moment as you can without wishing for what it’s not. After all, tomorrow, it’s going to snow and rain again.


Bill Evertson said...

Meditating/Not meditating? - Any day with good hay is a good day. You are good hay - at least for my day. Thanks.

Farm Girl said...

This is so true. I will remember this when I'm moaning about winter! I will try to live in the moment and enjoy the cold. Next summer I will surely miss the coolness! And tonight it is raining and will be snow tomorrow. Silk is so wise.

Rising Rainbow said...

Those were great instructions to watch how her mother deals with her. Lots of people don't know you can learn so much from watching how they interact. Since I raise foals and expect them to grow up to be good citizens, I find watching the new ones herd dynamics are loaded with clues about their personalities, what works, what doesn't.......all kinds of good things.

Lisa J said...

The beauty of falling snow, the peace and calm that comes with it. Enjoy the moment and don't look ahead to the struggle that will come with it tomorrow!! But you could send some of that beautiful snow my way....

billie said...

I think I'm going to put Bill's motto in my barn on a wooden sign:

Any day with hay is a Good Day!

Love it!

I also love reading about your journey with Siete, since you're in the wonderful position of knowing her since birth, and have the insight and wisdom to watch how Silk has raised her and continues to respond to her.

The only sad thing I feel about Keil Bay is that I did not know him as a youngling (as my daughter refers to it).

We did have the interesting experience of leasing our pony's dam for six months when we first bought him, and they shared a paddock and two run-in sheds. It was hilarious watching her boss him around and watch how he rebelled and resisted her. (very much a preview of how he reacts in general)

We have a very gray day here - a thunderstorm, even - and so the horses got several hours out before the lightning sent them back to the barn. They're out there now eating their "good hay" and listening to classical music. :)

Netherfieldmom said...

Great picture Victoria!