Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sharing the Love

I am delighted to have received an award from my friend, Jodi, at! It was designed and created by Mica at who wanted to show her affection and appreciation for all the cool, talented people she met through her blog. The idea is to "Spread the Love", and pass it along to those you love.

So, I am wondering how can I pass it along to only a few people when there are so many wonderful women and men visiting me and engaging me every day in the blogosphere. Several of you do make me especially tuned into my horses, myself and our bigger connection to the rest of the world. While I'm sharing the love with everyone who reads this, I will give an extra hug to:
Arlene at GreyHorseMatters
Billie at
MiKael at
Marvel at
Julian at

If you click on the beautiful award, you can add it to your post and pass it along to those you love. And my heart also goes out to all of you great new friends who take the time to comment and visit with me every day. I am so lucky to know all of you!

When I told Silk and Siete that we had been presented with an Award, they kicked up their heels with joy.


detroit dog said...

Congratulations! Great photo.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am honored to receive this
very special award, you are a good friend and I thoroughly enjoy reading your wonderful insights about your horses and yourself each day.
The girls look very happy indeed to have received another award, they are truly celebrities of the blogosphere, and may be looking for an agent soon.
I'll get busy 'spreading the love'. Thanks again.

Farm Girl said...

Congratulations on your award! Love to watch horses play!
But where is the mud? Your photos never show any. Have you done something to your paddocks to eliminate it, or what? We have terrible mud from November to May!

Rising Rainbow said...

Conratulations on your award. Thanks for sharing it at me.

That is quite some picture. You got both of them kicking out at the same time. That qualifies as darn good timing in my book. lol

billie said...

I thought I left a comment earlier but sometimes I type things in and forget to hit the publish button!

Thank you, Victoria - I'm honored and also very happy to have found your blog as well as all the ones you've listed - what great, creative, like-minded horsefolk!

Strawberry Lane said...

Congratulations on the "Spread The Love" award. You certainly deserve it!

Thanks so much for sending it on to me! That is a real honor coming from such a terrific friend!