Saturday, December 20, 2008

View From the Barn

This is the view from our barn at 6:30 this morning. I’m too tired from shoveling snow to write anything, but Silk and Siete wanted to tell you about it:

SILK: Mom was really upset yesterday morning. She says the reason it snowed 10 inches is because we were scheduled to get our borium shoes put on for the winter. The farrier couldn’t come so now I’ve been telling that crazy kid of mine to be careful not to slip.

SIETE: It’s so cool!

SILK: I couldn’t figure out why Mom was putting on our blankets in the middle of the day but about an hour later, the snow really started to come down. Siete stood outside in the corral and got soaked. I tried to make her come into my stall, but you know how teenagers are. She just won’t listen. The snow even came in the back doors of the barn. In the middle of the blizzard, Mom came out and fed us and locked us in so Siete could dry off before the temperature dropped for the night. Oh, I miss California right now!

SIETE: When can we go out and play? Where are the other kids? Where are the sleds?

SILK: When she gave us breakfast, Mom was muttering about another storm coming in tonight with more snow. Thank heavens for heated water buckets and people who trek out here with carrots.


Beth Donovan said...

What a lovely photo. I came across your blog via Twitter, and I'm definitely going to add you to my list of blogs I must check out daily - well, at least weekly - I have horses of my own to watch over!

Your horses are gorgeous. Now, I feel the need to trek out into the cold and snow to give my two boys, Willy and Petey, some carrots!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Snow always looks so pretty in pictures doesn't it? Then the reality sets in that you have to go out and deal with the shoveling, the cold, the blankets, the water buckets, and yet we do it anyway for the love of our horses. The reward is that they love us for taking care of them no matter what the weather.
I'm sure that Silk and Siete will have some fun playing in the snow today, before more snow makes its appearance, if it's not too icy yet.
Our guys had a great time playing in the snow yesterday.

Ewa said...

The picture in the darkness is so charming! In the previous post I could see again your tree surrounded by stone deck - it looks great!
Merry Christmas to you and to all your kids :) [Human and related :)]

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice pictures. I am glad you are not dealing with frozen water, hoses, and ice.

detroit dog said...

Beautiful snow. We got about 8 inches here.

I love hearing what Silk and Siete have to say. Silk is very much the mom, and Siete very much the teenager.

You're a good mom, too. I love that last photo. :-)

Lori Skoog said...

Christmas Greetings Virginia....we got so blasted with snow yesterday! This morning it took forever just to shovel a path to the barn....fortunately I was able to get someone to come and plow and now things are pretty open. This extreme weather is a lot more work in every way. Last night I got in bed at 8pm. Your house looks very interesting! It sounds like the horses are doing well...good news.

billie said...

Victoria, lovely scene from the barn. I love the blue aura snow has in the evening. (not that we've seen that around here for awhile!)

Take care and stay warm.

deejbrown said...

I can feel her warm, sweet breath on my face, and smile.

the7msn said...

It was fun to hear your girls' take on the day.

Maybe these storms are nature's way of helping us burn all the extra calories we consume this time of year. You deserve lots of extra cookies and egg nog after shoveling all that snow. Be careful out there, and stay warm.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's a lovely view from the barn, Victoria. It beckons one to walk up out of the cold for a nice warm drink :)

I giggled reading Silk and Siete's commentary. Too funny :)

Stay warm and dry...and keep those carrots coming. hehe

New Mexico

Trée said...

Idyllic, is the only word that comes to mind for this photo. Of course, I say that from a snowless driveway. :-D

Lori Skoog said...

Victoria...I'M SO SORRY! I know you are not Virginia!!!
SR-Pastor has been reading your blog and sent me a note wondering if it was an "inside" name for you!!!
My brain must be shot! There is someone I communicate with who has that name...must be loosing it!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

The snow looks so beautiful...but it sure can make horsekeeping difficult.

I can't even imagine what the conversations are going on in my barn right now.....well except maybe for Scarlet. She's been pretty demonstrative about what she thinks of this whole being cooped up thing.

marymartha said...

Lovely photo. I don't envy the shoveling, but I am sure the girls are grateful! Once again, your horses bring cheer to me on a cold wintry day. Thanks.

Ishtar said...

Your post made me laugh! :-)
A question: How old is Siete, Victoria, and what's the story behind her name?
Warm greetings,

Janet Roper said...

What a great post! Love the conversation the gals had.

Victoria, I'm starting a Talk2theAnimals Bookstore. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

Strawberry Lane said...

Love the photo of your house with the light glistening in the snow.

Love the nose !!

Jonna said...

what a cute little commetary by your horses... nice photos and it seems like we are all fighting with the weather. At this rate, my shoulders and biceps should look nice and toned by spring with all the shoveling we are having to do.