Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Giving Thanks

I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from two wonderful blogging friends. One was given to me by Nor'dzin at Ceffylau in Wales. Thank you so much! I hope that I will have a chance someday to meet her in person since I value her friendship very much. She is wrestling with the difficulties of caring for two horses and trying to make some hard choices about whether to keep them. I hope that Nor'dzin and O-dzin know that they are not alone in their predicament and my heart goes out to them.

The other bouquet - I feel so lucky- was a gift from Mikael at Mikael's Mania. I really appreciate her friendship and I should be sending this to her since Mikael is going in for some surgery this week. All my positive thoughts and good energy will be flowing her way for a quick and successful recovery.

Every time I go to the feed store or put more hay into my horses’ stalls, I feel grateful that another week goes by in which I am able to care for them and give them what they need. Every time I watch Siete walk normally, I appreciate how much better life is now that she’s not limping. Every time it rains really hard like it did last night, I am thankful that the roof over the barn is not leaking and no stalls are flooded. And every time I get another email - and I’ve had so many recently - from someone who is desperate to find a home for a horse they can no longer afford, I say a little prayer that I will be able to always keep my girls.

So, I’m going to pass along these lovely flowers to three blogging friends who have something to celebrate:

Over at Oak In The Seed, deej has gone back to riding and found a great new barn with a good teacher and some new friends. Bravo!

In Niger, Africa, a little filly named Isolde is celebrating her 3rd month on this earth so I’m sending her mom, Esther Garvi, some virtual flowers since I can’t send carrots.

And at the Doghouse, Detroit Dog deserves some flowers for rescuing Quasar, who obviously loves him new home.

I’m sharing my flowers with Siete, who is feeling much better - Dare I say that? I hope I don’t jinx it!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulation on receiving your bouquet of flowers. I'm so happy to hear that Siete is doing well and feeling better.

Esther Garvi said...

That is so sweet of you! Isolde sends lots of hugs and kisses back, and so does Sheba and Allis who have not had their monthly birthdays celebrated on the Ishtar blog yet...

An extra big hug to Siete!!

Lori Skoog said...

Virginia...sweet post today. Please stop by to pick up an award.

detroit dog said...

Victoria, Thank you so much for the bouquet of flowers. They are just the pick-me-up that I need today. Funny, how when I feel like "things" are getting close to the edge, something like this (gift) comes along and sets me back on the road.

As times get tougher, I am all the more grateful that we are all able to have our pets in our lives.

billie said...

Congrats and yay for Siete! I'm so happy to hear she's feeling good.

Enjoy your flowers - you deserve them!