Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life as Usual

Wouldn’t it be great if “life as usual” was relaxing and fun? Last night as I was feeding the horses their dinner, a thunderstorm rolled in. There was lightening very close, so I ran back to the house without closing up the back windows on the stalls or filling the water buckets. It was a wild storm, with torrential rain. We could hardly see out the windows because it was coming down so hard.

Finally, there was a break before the next storm blew through. I went back out to the barn to tuck the girls in and make sure they had enough water. Did they ever! Silk’s stall flooded in the insane downpour. I didn’t have any of my trusty bags of wood pellet horse bedding. All I could do was try to pull some of the shavings and mashed wood pellets from under the water buckets where it was banked up on the side of the barn. I raked as much as I could and stomped it down to try to soak up the water. I tried to set Silk up in the back of her stall with a flake of hay, but I felt so bad to have to leave the mess until morning. All night, I heard the rain coming down, and I worried and worried.

The bedding was wet in the morning, but my horse wasn’t standing in water. I was the first one at the feed store when they opened ,and I bought some more wood pellets and shavings. Then, I spent a couple of hours digging out Silk’s stall and refreshing it with clean, dry bedding. I have to say, it looked so fluffy, I was ready to lie down in it myself when I finished. The entire time, I was well aware that my poor horse was itching herself like crazy out in the dirt patch in the pasture. She looks awful. The fly mask rubbed away the hair on her face, and the gnats are back eating her mane and her belly and under her tail.

So, after I drank a gallon of water and Silk had a short siesta in her stall, it was time for a bath. I’m lucky that she likes to get wet. It took me well over an hour to really wash her and rinse her thoroughly. Then, I dried her belly and as much as I could underneath, and I applied Vaseline to protect her from the bugs. For the base of her mane and around her ears, I decided to try this ointment called Biozide Gel that has some iodine in it. I’ve used it when the horses cut themselves, and it is really good stuff. It doesn’t sting and is both bactericidal and fungicidal. The wounds healed very quickly when I’ve tried it before. I’m hoping that the taste of the iodine won’t appeal to the gnats. Can you tell this is beginning to drive me crazy?

Silk didn’t complain at all when I locked her in her stall. I didn’t want her to roll in the dirt with all that gooey salve on her. I swear she was saying thank you to me. She’ll probably look tarred and feathered tomorrow after sleeping in the shavings. Siete was not a happy camper. I only had the energy to pick out her feet, and she got sent to bed early too tonight. My arms feel like jelly, and I’m ready to crawl up the stairs to my room and hit the hay myself. I don't want to think that this is "life as usual", but I've sure been here so many times before that I know the drill. I just wish Silk could get some relief.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever get any of that Deo Gel that I mentioned? It's really working for my horse. He used to get huge welts and sores from the bugs, but I just apply some of this after every ride or, if I haven't ridden, every 2 or 3 days. He's not bothered at all by the flies this year. It's really helping.

As for the sores, tomorrow I'll check on the name of a salve my vet gave me for him last year after he had surgery. It's a natural ointment with soothing additives as well as healing. Things like lavendar, rosemary. He had a very bad case of scratches back in April and this cleared it up. It's out in the barn, but I'll get the name for you tomorrow.

I hate seeing my critters in such distress. I do hope Silk finds some relief soon.


the7msn said...

Oh, how I wish you could beam Silk and Siete over here for the night to get away from the gnats and the muck and the rain. Hang in there.

billie said...

We need a spa retreat! Horses included!

Here's to a restful night's sleep and equine ailments that fade quickly away.

Callie said...

Aww, Poor Silk. Mine have been miserable with the gnats here as well, My flies are under control, but the gnats and now the mosquitos are fierce!

Pony Girl said...

I left my horse during a thunder storm today, it made me nervous. I don't think we are going to get much rain, but I worry about the lightening. I am a worry wart! ;)
I am sorry to hear about Silk's flooded stall, I know you have struggled with that before. And having the itchies to deal with, too. The vaseline is a good idea. You are always full of great ways to make your girls feel better!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The flooding stalls are a nightmare I'm sure, it's too bad there isn't a way to permanently fix that particular problem. I know you've been plagued with this before.
Poor Silk, have you ever tried Gnat Away made by Gold Nugget. It really works wonders and comes in a jar or tube(the tube is less greasy), it is all natural and I have been known to use it on trail rides on myself. If you haven't tried it already you might want to give it a go.

Rising Rainbow said...

I hage to say I had to laugh just a little at the visual of Silk looking tarred and feathered from salve and shavings. I think it's probably a nervous giggle because oooohhhhhh can I relate. Sometimes it just doesn't seem like there is a break. I guess if we don't learn to laugh at this stuff, we'd spend way too much time crying. I supre hope you all get some relief soon.

majca1 said...

Have you tried Brewers yeast as a supplement. Vitamin B is really good for keeping bugs away.