Saturday, July 5, 2008

Attack of the Wasps

I hope everyone is having a glorious 4th of July week-end. I had an unexpected mishap yesterday morning. I was about to feed Silk her breakfast, and as I opened the stall door, I was attacked by wasps. They stung me on my right hand, which is now so swollen that I am typing this post with my left.

I took Benadryl and some Motrin, but the swelling kept increasing overnight. My hand looks like a small water balloon. Boy, does it hurt! My husband sealed up the door, so the wasps can no longer get to the nest that they made inside it. We went on with our plans and had a dozen people over for a party last night. This morning, I was able to get to a doctor. He gave me some Prednisone and said if I hadn’t come in my hand and arm would have blown up to look like I had a boxing glove for a hand all the way up to my elbow. He warned me that next time I’m bit, I should immediately get to a doctor and get the steroids.

So, I’m going to go ice my poor hand and hope that by tomorrow, the swelling will go down. It really itches too. Now I know how poor Silk has been feeling. All I can think is thst I’m glad they bit me and not her. It’s cheaper than having to get the vet out here.


Pony Girl said...

WOW! Wasps are nasty. I have not been stung by a bee or wasp in many years, but it terrifies me. I am glad you were still able to have your 4th fun, and were able to see a Dr. for steroids. And that Silk didn't get stung!

billie said...

Oh dear, we are living parallel lives again. :/

I have been suddenly overtaken by what I *think* are chigger bites. There are around 35 of these itchy, lumpy bites on my body right now and I too was thinking "better me than the horses."

Last night I took Ledum and applied Rescue Remedy to each individual bite. That gave me huge relief from the itching and I was able to sleep through the night.

This morning I decided to put baking soda in the bath and soak, and that has also helped a lot.

I now need to go buy more baking soda and more RR!

One thing I've noticed is that the itching seems to ebb and flow. I can bring it on by thinking about it!

Take care and heal quickly.

M. C. Valada said...

I am so sorry to hear about you hand and I hope the steroids do the trick of relieving the swelling and pain.

Gecko said...

Oh no! Wasps are horrible things, I've only been stung by one once, when I was little, and boy did I scream and cry!
I hope those nasty wasps leave you all alone!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about the stings, I got it last year opening the gate, the little buggers made a nest on the underside of the latch.There is wasp spray that will kill them in the nest, they come back at night so that's the best time to get them. Hope you feel better soon and your swelling goes down.

the7msn said...

Geez Louise! Between the snapping turtle, the gnats, and now the wasps...ENOUGH, Mother Nature! Do you hear me? Victoria has had enough. Now leave her alone and go pester somebody else, for cryin' out loud. But not me, and I'm sorry I yelled.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow! You be careful with that! The kind of swelling and itching you describe suggests an allergic reaction.Reactions to stings are nothing to mess around with, they can be fatal.

Take it from someone who's had her heart stop from a single sting, next time don't wait so long to get help. Each subsequent sting seems to have a more severe reaction.

I'm sure glad that you're ok!! That's a lot of stings.

djbrown said...

Wasps are tenacious. Be careful because that nailed-over nest may still be active and they will chew their way out and attack anything in their way.
Guess how I know?

LJB said...

Mud wasps or ground wasps/yellow jackets? Or something else? I still think Apis M. is the best for stings of any sort! Glad you are finding some relief. They can surprise us, and usually it's when we surprise them! Bad deal for both of us for sure. I hope your hand resumes it's normalcy soon. RNB got bit by something the other night and first his finger swelled then his hand. He refuses to take most of my advice *bg* but it's getting better on its own. Phew!

Nor'dzin said...

The homeopathic remedy Apis Mellifica is brilliant for treating stings - or indeed any pink and puffy swelling. I hope you are better soon.