Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Green

I had lunch today with an old friend who lives in Tucson, Arizona. He kept commenting on how green it is here. I’ve been noticing it too. We’ve had so much rain that when I walk outside, I am surrounded by these intense hues of green, It delights me since green is my favorite color.

In the “Never Satisfied” department, I realize that while I was longing for warm weather last winter, I am now looking forward to the cool, crisp days of fall and winter. I need to take a lesson from Silk and Siete. If they could talk, they wouldn’t be complaining constantly about the weather. If it’s too hot, they don’t stand around wishing that they could run and play more. They just find a shady spot and give it a rest.

Sometimes, I swear that Silk understands every word I say. When I put the girls out in the pasture this morning, I decided that they didn’t need their fly masks. A while later, I came out of the barn and saw Silk shaking her head. I called out, “Silkie, do you want your fly mask?” She stopped, looked at me and trotted right over to the gate. While I got the mask, she put her head down and offered me her ears to be covered. When I attached the Velcro strap, I asked Silk, “What about the kid? “

Silk headed back over to her daughter and bumped Siete on the butt, moving her towards me as I waited at the fence. She stood next to her as I put the fly mask on her baby. Now, that’s one smart horse, and I’m so glad that she’s mine.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I love the colors of Arizona and the deserts and rocks formations , but it is always nice to come home to the greenery of the trees and flowers and grass too.
I'm sure that Silk understands every word you say that was really cute when you asked her about the 'kid' and she went and got her. I'll bet Siete understands too but like a typical kid ignores you until her horse mom tells her what to do.

Gecko said...

That would've been lovely to see, I don't seem to spend enough time with my horses to have that connection, I'd love to though. You're so lucky!

The Kittens' Mother said...

Yes, you are very lucky to have such good horses and beautiful too.

I love hearing about and seeing the connections and bonds between people and their animals. It is very sweet.

Hope everyone is well, from Meg and cats xxx

Callie said...

That is so sweet. You're right, she understood every word you said. That is a marvelous connection! I love that about mares!

detroit dog said...

Are you using a new camera? I've noticed the pictures from recent posts seem a bit more focused, and have more balanced color and light and contrast. They look really nice.

billie said...

Feels like I'm living in a rain forest - it's incredibly verdant this time of year. This morning I was sitting on the sofa reading and looked through the window only to see about 20 different insect creatures fly by in the space of maybe 15 seconds.

Love your conversations with Silk and Siete. Silk reminds me of Salina and Keil Bay - both of whom are so incredibly communicative they often astound visitors. (and sometimes confound trainers, but that's a post for a future day...:)

Hope all stays as lovely as it sounds today!

djbrown said...

And you are one smart Mommy to have invested your heart with Silk, your soul mate.