Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One More Day

I’m going out to muck right now, at 6:30 am. I don’t mind getting up early to feed the horses, but I really like to have a little time and a bit more coffee before I have to start lifting those heavy buckets. I'm trying hard not to resent this or to postpone it. Yesterday was brutal. I lost count of how often I hosed down the horses. At 9 o’clock last night, it was still 87 degrees.

Siete was more miserable than her mommy. Silk grew up in Okalahoma, Texas and California, so I think she’s used to the high temperature heat. Siete just couldn’t find the right spot. Silk stands in front of the fan, and after wandering around looking annoyed, Siete comes back to rest next to her. There’s only one point in the day when the sun really beats down on the barn, but mostly it’s in the shade of the trees. Not that being in the shade made one ounce of a difference in how hot I was yesterday. Just standing still, I’d be dripping with sweat in moments.

So, we’ve got one more day of this, with thunderstorms coming in later to push out the hot air. I am always in awe of how the weather can completely alter my life. My daughter’s school closed early yesterday and will again today. Life sort of stands still, whether it’s a snowstorm or a severe heat-wave. It’s Mother Nature, letting us know that we can’t control everything. I’m just glad that she’s decided that this torture will be over tonight.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think we have all had just about enough of this nonsense. It is so hot and miserable even the dogs don't want to go out for more than a few minutes. Siete is just like the rest of us I guess, just wandering around waiting for a break.You're a good mommy to hose them off when they get too hot, I've been know to turn the hose on myself in extreme conditions too!

Victoria Cummings said...

You got it, Arlene - that's exactly what I do - I hose myself off in between horses!

Callie said...

My girls are just miserable now too. With the recent storms, mud and all. And sun and heat! Whew!

Transylvanian horseman said...

It sounds so hot. Just a thought, however is there a way to paint the barn roof white or silver to reflect more of the heat? An African architect also told me how to create a draught using solar energy. One simply fits a matte black painted metal pipe chimney on the south side, arranged to draw out foul air. Solar heating and convection do the rest. I'm not sure whether either of these would help. I hope that it gets cooler soon.

Nor'dzin said...

So sorry to hear that you are suffering in the heat. Surprisingly it is also pretty hot here in Wales - reaching the mid 80s today which is unusual for us. I do hope it breaks for you tomorrow.

Pony Girl said...

You are such a good mommy to hose off your girls!
It seems the weather is a little crazy every where right now! We don't have the heat, rather, snow in the mountain passes, hail, rain, and more rain. I am beginning to think this is going to be a short summer.
Hang in there!