Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Fever

When I turned the horses out in the pasture this morning, they put on quite a show. I tried to capture it with my digital camera, but I kept missing the moments. Siete was like a little girl pretending to be all the things that she’d ever wanted to be.

First, she was an Olympic jumping star, leaping with all four feet so high off the ground that I applauded her. Then, she was a champion reiner, running towards the fence and sliding to a stop. Next, she pranced like a circus pony, rearing and walking on her back legs in a circle around her mother. You could almost hear her shouting, “Look at me, Mom! Look at me!”

Silk started the whole performance by charging at us as I opened the gate to walk in with Siete. She never does that, or at least, not since this time last year. I knew that Spring Fever was finally here. It made my heart soar to watch them. Two happy, healthy horses celebrating a much-needed warm, sunny day.

"A horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music."
Mark Helprin, "A Winter's Tale"


Grey Horse Matters said...

They sound like they were just celebrating Spring and having a blast. I hope the weather stays like this, and NO more rain!

Callie said...

It finally warmed up here a bit and started to melt, but no pasture yet....I know mine are anxiously waiting!

billie said...

Hooray for the girls and spring!

We are starting limited turn-out as the spring grass begins to come in. The pony has to come in the paddock for awhile each day, and Keil Bay will have to join him for some of that time. Usually we time it so their paddock time coincides with riding time/grooming time and that way they're kept busy.

The downside of easy keepers!

Bill Evertson said...

Beautiful portrait of your girls.

Rising Rainbow said...

It sounds like they had a great time. I love watching the horses play.

Amanda said...

That's wonderful! Its great to see them celebrate the warmer weather like we do.