Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Coming!

As I was assembling some of my friend’s favorite music for her memorial celebration, I came across the lyrics to “The Waters of March”, a song by Brazilian artist Antonio Carlos Jobim. My husband teases me that I like anything that has a horse in it, but I do find myself singing these words as I clean the stalls:

A stick a stone
it's the end of the road,
it's the rest of the stump
it's a little alone
it's a sliver of glass,
it is life, it's the sun,
it is night , it is death,
it's a trap, it's a gun.
the oak when it blooms,
a fox in the brush,
the knot in the wood,
the song of the thrush.
the wood of the wind,
a cliff, a fall,
a scratch, a lump,
it is nothing at all.
it's the wind blowing free.
it's the end of a slope.
it's a beam, it's a void,
it's a hunch, it's a hope…..
a pin, a needle,
a sting, a pain,
a snail, a riddle,
a weep, a stain.
a pass in the mountains.
a horse, a mule,
in the distance the shelves.
rode three shadows of blue.
and the riverbank talks
of the promise of life
in your heart, in your heart
a stick, a stone,
the end of the load,
the rest of the stump,
a lonesome road.
a sliver of glass,
a life, the sun,
a night, a death,
the end of the run
and the riverbank talks
of the waters of march
it's the end of all strain
it's the joy in your heart


Grey Horse Matters said...

We have blossoms popping up too. It's a nice song.

Callie said...

OH, I wish, it would warm up and dry up here, however I did notice a hint of new grass just starting to pop through!

40whatever said...

Victoria, my sig other says Im easy to buy for, all he has to do is slap a horse on it and i LOVE it!

He is right of course!

Love the song. Wonder if we can find that on I tunes?

Spring is just not coming here to the midwest quick enough. No snow, but sheesh it's still 45 and crummy. My horses were not even shedding this weekend :(

Victoria Cummings said...

I Tunes does have it - for 99 cents - the version of choice is by Susannah McCorkle - "The Waters of March". I'm listening to it now!

Rose said...

Thank you! I've had bits of this song stuck in my head for weeks, and couldn't figure out which song it was!

Also, my sincerest thanks for always having an incredibly interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring blog. I truly enjoy every entry I read, and it has helped me regain some once lost spirituality in my own life.

Rising Rainbow said...

It's good to see the signs of spring here too. They're slow in coming but at least they're on the way.

Princess Haiku said...

Your horses are beautiful! It's inspiring to see someone doing something original to make their life more meaningful and active.

There is a new rendition of "All the Pretty Little Horses" that is a lovely song, and currently hitting the charts. Your blog made me think of it...

detroit dog said...

A beautiful song. And perfect for spring.

My husband sang it to me when I told him you had posted it. He's a musician, and plays and transcribes mostly Brazilian jazz. His favorite version is by Joao Gilberto (in Portuguese, of course). I think my English favorites are Tom Jobim and Sergio Mendes.

Well, I believe that your posting has inspired me for an artwork. I've been in "crisis" (block) for longer than I like to admit. But the words of this song -- true art, yes?

detroit dog said...

OK, I promise I'll shut up after this....

You really must listen to the Basia cover of this song. (Add her to my favorites.)