Saturday, October 4, 2008

Needing A Digression

I had such a rough couple of days with my mom, which carried over to things that she did to cause problems with Siete. Added to the drama, Velcro, my cat, brought up a live mouse from the basement and for twenty-four hours, it was a crazy battle in my dining room between both my felines and the very fast, clever fellow. I kept trying to help the little guy, but he refused to let me catch him so I could put him outside, alive and free. Instead, this morning, I had to dispose of a dead mouse at 5 am.

So, I spent a few hours while the rest of the house was sleeping, reading my favorite blogs and discovering some new ones, just to change the channel around here. I don’t know if you are feeling this way, but as the seasons change, I’ve been starting to cook and bake more. There are some good old favorite dishes that everyone in my family looks forward to each Fall. I tend to work seasonally in my kitchen, trying to use what’s fresh and most interesting at the local farms.

I want to share some of the cooking blogs I’ve found because I’m so amazed by the talent of some of the people who are so generous and entertaining about sharing their cooking secrets. So, if you like to cook, check these out: orangette, smittenkitchen, the Wednesday chef and Matt Bites. I’m going to be baking some stuffed tomatoes, looking for Hatch chiles and cippolines (onions) and creating a magnificent chocolate peanut butter cake for my husband, thanks to their recipes.

I also am so glad to be part of the horse blogging community. All over the country, I see so many of you stepping forward to help unwanted and starving horses. I see bloggers giving horses to each other and getting together face-to-face or over the telephone to help one another. It’s really wonderful, and I am so proud to be part of this ever-growing group of friends who care about each other and share their experience and wisdom. The Internet has become a vital, exciting and comforting place for me to visit each day in these chaotic, troubled times. It’s a real oasis out here on the Net. And did I mention the gardening bloggers? They’re a very cool group too. The world is certainly a richer and more connected place to live since I’ve discovered the blogosphere.


the7msn said...

I honestly don't know how you manage the juggling act and the demands on your time and energy, while continuing to add balls in the air. I've got a freezer full of Hatch chile, and I'd beam some right over if I could.

Ewa said...

Mousie time.... Atomoc brought one lately and it took few days to find it...

deejbrown said...

The blogosphere has opened up my life as well. I am moved at how many good people there are out there despite the dingy reputation some folks give the internet world.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your mom and Siete these past days. I also found a dead baby mouse in the garage yesterday. This must be the time of year they decide to come in for the winter.
Your right about the blogosphere, so many different people with diverse hobbies. What did we ever do without the internet.

Pony Girl said...

Nice post, Victoria. And BunBun is a cutie! Must be your guardian angel, for sure!
And yes, something about this weather makes one want to stay in, bake, and fill the house with cozy food smells!

Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for looking at my Journal. I would like to add your site to my links as it is full of all the things I am interested in. This morning I went out to the barn a little later... it was so cold I had a hat and gloves on.
I too have learned a lot over the years regarding horses. We have rescued many dogs and cats and I have been an advocate for animals for a long time.
I look forward to checking in regularly. How did you find me, and isn't Jon Katz terrific! and yes, this blogging venue has allowed me to meet so many interesting people that I connect with on a regular basis...I truly enjoy it.
Lori Skoog

Lori Skoog said...

Regarding abscesses...Instead of a medicine boot, did you ever make you own? This works very well for me, and it is easy for the horse to walk with it on. I would be happy to explain this to you if you want. After soaking the foot in epsom salts, I dry it off and put ichthamal where I want it to draw...then I cover it with the homemade boot (clean cloth covered with a sock...then a plastic bag and finally duct tape). The ichthamal works well in this environment, the horse has some padding, and they stay clean. My horses are not that fond of the boots.

Victoria Cummings said...

Linda, Ewa, DeeJ and Arlene - Thanks for checking in and giving me a virtual "there, there" pat on the back!

Lori - It's so great to have found you - I added you to my recommended list - and I hope that everyone who regularly drops by here will go over to your farm for a visit. It's strange, but Siete doesn't seem to mind the medicine boot. She hates duct tape - big time! So, I will remember your sock suggestion, but I think that for this little horse, that clunky rubber boot seems to be the best fit- strange, but whatever works!