Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I am so pleased to receive this award from Arlene at Grey Horse Matters. It is hard to choose from all the other great horse blogs, but I know that this is being spread around by other horse lovers whom I respect. So, I will pass along the award to these dedicated horse moms, and encourage everyone to visit their blogs:

Linda at The 7MSN Ranch
Nancy at Cliffy's Mom's Blog
M.C. Valada at Out of the Darkroom
Lynda Polk at Hoofbeats
The Trail Riding Cowgirl at All Things Horses


Nancy said...

Hi Victoria, thanks so much for the award! You've made my day.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You deserve it Victoria, you are one of the best horse moms I've ever known.

Lynda said...

What a great way to start the week. Thanks so much Victoria!

the7msn said...

Thanks so much, Victoria! Being held in this regard by you and Billie is really special.

Rising Rainbow said...

Looks like some blogs I haven't seen on this list. That's cool.

Cassi said...

I agree Victoria - you deserve the award..
Here's another one for you to check out... www.refugefarms.org
sorry - this is long but I can't decribe this place any better than it's creator - a word from Sandy:

A total of 41 horses have come to THE FARM for sanctuary. I promise each horse 3 things when they arrive:

1. There will be no more beatings, electricity, use of performance enhancing drugs, hollering, or any other type of inhumane treatment. There will be plenty of respect.

2. There will be no more hunger. There will always be food and water available.

3. There will be no more moving to another farm, fighting for a place in a new herd, or getting used to another routine or the taste of other water. This is home. Forever. Even in death you will not leave THE FARM.

And as I(Sandy)read this, I feel the weight of these promises, alone, are a worthy mission statement. However, REFUGE FARMS is going one step farther. And that is the step of healing Human Beings as a result of sharing time with these recovering creatures.

I have personally witnessed the "MAGIC" on this farm. I have seen people arrive with the fear written all over their faces. They are sad and withdrawn, sometimes crying and shaking, but definitely in pain from some sort of disappointment or loss or fear. We spend a little time on introductions and the first piece of MAGIC occurs – the person is naturally drawn to a particular horse where there exists a common space of trust and a willingness to share. They are friends before they spend even one full minute together!

At this point, I will leave the two alone and what I witness when I return is the result of this MAGIC. I see a human who is moving – petting, brushing, or walking with the horse. The conversation is mutual – the human is talking with the horse listening and offering complete understanding with no judgment. The person is calm and many times the tears have gone. There is an aura of contentment. Of peace. Of finally finding calm in the middle of the storm.

Please check out Sandy and The Herd and if you think her work admirable - please pass on the link to the other horse people in your world... - thanks, Cassi

M. C. Valada said...

Thank you so much Victoria.