Friday, April 4, 2008

My Challenge

Yesterday, Siete was all fired up. The weather was perfect for a horse. It was brilliant blue and sunny, but cool in the 50’s. She ran around kicking and bucking, full of joy. As I was cleaning the corral, she came over to the fence in the pasture asking me to play. I fooled around with her for a few minutes, but my schedule was really busy. I had to get back to work.

I hurried into the corral, filled a muck fork and tripped backwards over the bucket. As I landed on my butt, Siete stopped and stared at me with great surprise. “What the heck are you doing on the ground?” She came over to the fence and put her nose down, trying to reach me. I began laughing, and she trotted away to bug her mother.

The combination of her playfulness and her immediate empathy keeps coming back to me, leading me somewhere new. As I came out to feed the horses their dinner last night, Siete began romping around in the corral. She’s trying to tell me something, and I think I’m beginning to get the message. She wants us to have fun, to build a relationship that is based on not just work but enjoyment. Obviously, she tests the limits with me almost every day, and I insist that she show respect. At the same time, she challenges me to lighten up.

I know that she senses what a strong bond I have with her mother. Silk and I are moving at the same pace and take comfort in each other. If I only had one horse right now, I’d just mosey along. taking it easy. With this five-year old ball of energy running circles around us old mamas, I face a big commitment. When Siete was born, I had intended to sell her. I didn’t because I loved her so much. I chose to breed Silk, and Siete is our gift. I am responsible to give this little horse a good, happy life. At each step along the way, as she reveals sides of myself that I’d rather not deal with, I am forced to push myself to succeed and do what’s best for her. Of course, it ultimately proves to be what’s also best for me.

So, I am promising Siete that I will carve a solid place for her in my schedule. Along with writing, giving my daughter the attention she needs, caring for my aging mother, keeping my family and animals well fed, maintaining a comfortable and happy home, and last, but far from least, spending time with my husband, I will find the extra energy to build my relationship with this little horse. At first, my thought was, “When will I have any time for me?” Now, I understand that being with Siete is the best way to learn more about myself and give myself what I need. She helps me become more of the person that I’d like to be.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”


djbrown said...

Your writing is a welcome spring in my professional desert. I am grateful Silk & Siete are in your life. The sweet ripples of your relationships affect all who stop at your (blog) door.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I like the quote from Goethe, we should all find that boldness within us and begin what we dream.Siete is a fun horse that will challenge you and keep you on your toes.

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks, Diane - I don't know what I'd do without my girls.

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

Victoria it never ceases to amaze me how you put into words what I cannot. Your relationship with your girl reminds me so much of mine and Harley's. Make the committment you will be glad you did and learn so much more about yourself and what you can accomplish.

Rising Rainbow said...

Horse time is definitely my time for me. It fills me up and gives me the energy to do the other things in my life.