Friday, February 27, 2009

A Near Miss or Two

Let’s hear it for flexible fencing! It warmed up today, and the horses were very frisky. Too frisky, in fact, because Siete raced up to the fence and reared up, catching her front legs between the slats. It all sort of happened in slow motion. I came over to the fence to try to free her and I kept saying easy, easy. She was still balancing on her back legs. The good news is that she listened and didn’t panic. She lifted herself up higher instead of crashing down to the ground with the fence twisted around her, and she kind of pirouetted away still on two legs. My heart was pounding. Silk stopped as motionless as a statue.

As soon as Siete had freed herself, Silk’s tail went straight up in the air, and she started bucking. Siete started running in circles around her mother while they both snorted loudly. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were. My husband ran out and was able to tighten up the fence so there’s no damage to anyone or anything. Both horses were really subdued the rest of the afternoon, standing close together.

Now, six hours later, we’re anxious about our poor old dog, Pepper. She’s 14 and can hardly walk. Her spirits are good, but her legs are barely able to support her. I could tell this morning that she has developed a bladder infection. We’re going to take her to the vet tomorrow. Whenever she stands up, one of us has to help her. Tonight, every time I tried to get her up, her legs gave out and she fell over. This same scary thing happened before about six months ago. That time, she made a miraculous recovery. Pepper has the most amazing will to live. She is still so alert and cheerful which is why we’ve decided to keep on doing what we’re doing until she doesn’t have that joy in her eyes anymore.

But tonight, I immediately thought, this is it. My husband, the eternal optimist, reminded me that she’s revived before as he carried her to her dog bed. After about an hour and some left over hamburger, Pepper did rally. She was able to stand with my help and walk on her own to her water bowl. A second near miss in the same day. Man, this is exhausting! I’m praying that tomorrow, we’ll get her to the vet and back home safely. For the moment, I’m feeling hopeful and grateful that my animals have such good survival instincts.


billie said...

Sending good thoughts to Miss Pepper. I hope she rallies again. Her persistence is amazing!

And Siete sounds like she is having a bit of spring fever! I'm so glad she didn't get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is OK - that's one smart mare you have to get herself out of trouble. What sort of flexible fencing do you use?

Hope Pepper is feeling better - we lost an old Golden last year and it's really hard to know when to let them go, as they do sometimes make surprising recoveries.

the7msn said...

My thoughts will be with you for a drama-free weekend.

Lori Skoog said...

Victoria....what a day you and your sweet creatures have had! So far so good...hope all goes well with the vet tomorrow. Is it snowing at your house?

Grey Horse Matters said...

That must have been a frightening few minutes. Glad there was no damage done to either horse.
I do hope Pepper comes around again, good thoughts to her and her family.

Mikey said...

Craziness! Bet you got your cardio... horses and fencing, always interesting.
Hope Pepper rallies again. 14 is getting up there, but I think it's wonderful you help her out. Old dogs are the best and it's hard to see them age. My prayers that she gets better.

Gecko said...

Animals hey? Who would have them!?!?

So glad to hear nothing too much came from both of these happenings, I remember when pepper got sick last time, might be some sort of a bug she gets? But then again we all have our bad days!

Bill Evertson said...

I have been following your blog though Bill and want to send my thoughts and prayers for Pepper and you and your family, Our Cleo has been suffering for some time now and while we worry every morning, I know that you do too, Cleo is a wonderful black lab who has a been diagnosed with a. d . syndrome which effects most of her organs, She hasn't been able to climb stairs for a couple of years and each morning we wonder if it is the last. She has had a wonderful life with us, lots of swimming and hikes, She is the best. Bill and I are always weighing quality of life issue with her, but until pain is a issue we manage,
Horses and dogs have a amazing connections with us humans, your lovely writings are so articulate of that connection.
all my best
Karen _