Friday, November 21, 2008

Awards & Updates

I’ve got too much on my plate, and we’re not even talking turkey yet. A few days ago, Callie at MidWest Horse honored me with a wonderful award. I haven’t been able to get the file to load because Blogger kept telling me that it was “corrupted”. So, at last, my computer wizard husband was able to help me.

So, a belated thanks to Callie, who is a million dollar friend with warmth and wisdom that radiates all the way from Wisconsin to cheer me up. It’s hard, as always, to choose which of my blogging buddies to pass along this award since I wish I could give it to all of you.

I’m going to send a big hug and the Million Dollar Friend Award to:
Linda at the 7MSN
Billie at Camera Obscura
M.C. Valada at Out of the Darkroom
LJB at the Horsey Therapist
Marvel at Strawberry Lane
and I’d send it to Arlene at Grey Horse Matters, but Callie gave her one already.

You guys are always there for me and know how to make me feel better. Thanks for being my soul sisters!

A quick update on Siete: She got her “reverse shoes”, which are exactly what they sound like. The horseshoe is put on so the open end is in the front and the back of the hoof is supported by the round part of the shoe. It is giving her good support and relief. The ground is so frozen since we’ve had this cold wave. This morning it was only 16F degrees when I fed the horses. I’m just hoping that she will heal and lose weight and that I can stop writing about her feet.

I’m so swamped with work. There’s a video to finish by Monday and two new projects that I’m writing. So that’s why I haven’t had time to blog, but once I get through to Thanksgiving, I should be able to breathe again and catch up with all of you.


billie said...

Wow, Victoria - thank you for the award!

I'm so glad to hear that Siete is getting support from the reverse shoeing. Here's to quick healing and to some relief from those cold temps!

We haven't hit the teens yet, but have gotten down to 20. There was a dusting of snow on the deck this a.m.

A lot of my horse friends down here, as well as my daughter, are rooting for a snowy winter. I'm not. As beautiful as it is, the mud and slush that results when it melts is just not my idea of fun!

Hope your work gets done and you have some time to relax over the coming holiday.

the7msn said...

Thanks, my friend. I was getting concerned about you and Siete when nothing was popping up over here this week. Good to hear she has found some relief. I've known a few horses who've worn reverse shoes...and I love how it confuses people who try to follow their tracks. I hope things slow down for you real soon. Hang in there.

LJB said...

Dear Victoria,

I figured you were busy and hence not blogging as much. Me, too! *g* Thank you for the award. Perhaps you or your computer wiz husband can explain how I get that from your blog to mine. I have been awarded others before and gave up after a couple of unsuccessful tries.

We have this same cold weather -- BRRRRRR! I watch my very sound and healthy horses hobble around on the lumpy frozen stuff. I hope Siete is more comfortable now. Gee, I hobble around out there when I go to feed!

Best to you, my Friend.

Lori Skoog said...

Virginia....Congrats on your award and many thanks for the update on Siete. It was below 20 here this morning, but now the sun is out and it feels a lot better.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and I am sure you will get all your work done. No matter what has happened to you and your horses (since I started reading your blog) you have managed to stay on task.... regardless of how much was on your cookies and things.
Have a great day.

allhorsestuff said...

Very gald to hear of your mare's improovements and directions that you have chosen to go for healing. It definately worked for my friends Gemma's rescue Morgan that foundered.
Wierd to see the shoes backwards!

Kim said...

I found your blog while I was researching information about abscesses. My 9 year old App/Qtr horse cross mare is having the same symptoms as Siete.

However, I do believe that she is an IR horse due to her weight and cresty neck. (She can get fat just on the smell of grass.) I have placed my mare on a "Lite" feed so that I can continue to give her supplements for her feet. I give her Iron Horse Supplement to help her feet grow out stronger and healthier.

This summer she suffered from severe quarter cracks in both front feet and now is wearing "special" shoes. She only wears shoes on the front feet at this time; however she has had reoccurring abscesses in her back feed since September. I may have to ask my farrier about this reverse shoe.

I was told to wait until spring to do any blood work for IR/Cushing’s due to the fact that at this time of year it could produce a false positive. I believe that this is due to the "growing" of the winter coat.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with the "mysterious" hoof abscess syndrome that is plaguing both of our horses. I feel both your pain and Siete's every time I go to the barn to deal with Shelby's feet.

Strawberry Lane said...

Thank you, thank you! You just made my day with that award!

Thinking of you and your busy projects. I'm sure they will be terrific!

All the best to Siete on her road back to health.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Victoria,
Congratulations on your award, I can't think of a more deserving person to receive this award. You are truly a million dollar friend.
I'm glad to hear Siete got some shoes, even if they are on backwards. I hope they help with her problems.It seems she is on the road to recovery. I am sending good thoughts to her and you.
Stay warm and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Janet Roper said...

Kudos on the award, Victoria!

Glad to hear Siete is doing better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Bill Evertson said...

Thank you for the cookies. I think Karen thought I was crazy to add cookies to our to do list over the week-end, but it was the best thing to do. Our lives have been so hectic it was wonderful to have sticky hands and a wonderful treat to relax with. Best

Callie said...

Congrats, girl, you do deserve it! Hope your girls are doing well!

M. C. Valada said...

Thank you so much, Victoria. It's been a little hectic this week, between Muffin and Ace (bute twice a day and the stinker can always sniff it out,) so I haven't had a chance to drop by. Have a great Thanksgiving and we'll hope for fewer foot problems in Siete's and Ace's futures.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Just wanted to drop a note and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your day is peaceful and filled with lots of good things.

marymartha said...

I am thankful Siete is feeling better. I have gotten quite enamored of your horses just by reading about them... they sound delightful.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.