Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Message At the Feed Store

My husband and I just had a bomb drop in our life. I won't go into the personal details in my blog, but something really shook our world this week. I was trying to breathe and act like things were normal, so I went to the feed store as I so often do.

I told the saleswoman that I wanted a bag of U.S. pine shavings. "What?" she asked. "I'd like a bag of U.S. pine shavings." I repeated. "What?" she said again. "U.S. pine shavings!" I enunciated carefully and loudly. "Oh." she answered and rang up my order.

"What did you think I was saying?" I asked her out of curiousity.

"I thought you were asking for a bag of ' I'll be fine'." She replied.

"If you've got some of that, I'll take it!"

A message from the Universe. I went home feeling like I had a bag of "I'll be fine" with me. Good thing because I'm going to need a lot of it right now.

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