Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Time for Gratitude

There's a "Horse Bloggers' Carnival" going on and the subject is "Why I'm Grateful for the Horse". I started to write about Silk and it turned into a poem of sorts:

Why God Invented Horses

On days when things don’t go so right
When plans are crushed
or my heart aches,
I take a walk to the barn.

I hear a welcome murmuring
and then, Silk’s fine red head
peers out from her stall door.
She listens to my troubles
and never tries to blame.
I lean against her strength and softness,
rest my head on her rumpled mane
and take a long deep breath.
She bends her neck to cradle me,
making sure that I’m okay
and then goes back to munching hay.

The rhythm of her chewing,
The smell of my dear horse,
The comfort of the old box stall
Reassure me that life goes on.
So when I need a better reason
to keep moving on down my path,
to clear the air,
to forgive, if not forget,
I take a walk to the barn.


Arlene said...

I understand your sentiments exactly. When you’re depressed and everything is going badly, no one can listen without judgment and comfort you as your horse will. Horses are always there for the individual who loves them and will love you back unconditionally. The wise and gentle soul of the horse asks for nothing except to be treated with kindness and dignity. I lost my best friend and partner of 15 years last April to colic, he is deeply missed everyday. The other horses in our barn are wonderful, but it‘s just not the same as it once was. Possibly, someday I will find another to listen to my nonsensical ravings. Your poem shows how so many of us feel about our horses and how they are a comfort to us.

jodi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your horse, and to all horses and their human partners. This is a lovely blog, and I'm glad you stopped by mine--I'll get to writing about Leggo and the donkeyfrommars soon!

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks, Arlene and Jodi - Looking forward to hearing more about what your horses are teaching you.