Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CHECK OUT "A Life With Horses"!

A big box from arrived in the mail today. It was Mark Rashid and Kathleen Lindley's new book, "A Life With Horses- Spirit of the Work". Happy day! I restrained myself from diving into it because I had some barn chores to finish. After putting fresh shavings in the stalls so the horses could be cozy during the predicted thunderstorms tonight, I settled in my comfy chair.

Here I am, forty pages into it, already compelled to sing its praises. Mark Rashid talks about how horses are controlled by two emotions - fear and curiosity. I instantly flashed on the night that my little horse, Siete, was born.

It was a soft warm California night, around ten o'clock. I was standing with Silk, resting my hand on her back as she gathered her strength. The foaling stall was open on one side with a fenced corral. The lights were glowing orange and around us was blackness. There were three dogs who lived at the barn. They were all lined up at the fence, watching the action. Suddenly, Siete stood up and took her first steps. She headed right into the darkness at the edge of the corral. Who were those creatures looking at her? Wobbling over to the dogs, my little horse stuck her nose down right into their midst. The three dogs nuzzled her in welcome.

Joe, the wise cowboy who did an amazing job of delivering Silk's foal, watched his dogs greet my horse and laughed. He said, "That's one brave baby." I hope that Siete will always be more curious than fearful. And if she is afraid, I intend to be there to reassure her and protect her.

Anyway, I love this book. Gotta go back to reading it.


Rising Rainbow said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I think there aren't nearly enough horse blogs so it's great to see a new one.

Arlene said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and taking your quiz. I can also say that I have read all of Mark Rashid's books and find them very close to my own philosophies on horses.
I also think we may just be kindred spirits in Connecticut!
Thank you for checking out my blog: and leaving a comment.

LJB said...

I, too, have read Mark's books and recently had the honor and pleasure of riding in a clinic with him. Wow! I am further north, in VT and NH. I hope you keep finding ways to blend with your horses and can let go of all forcing and bracing like you describe when getting medicine, wormer, etc. into your dear horse. Best wishes with that. Do you live where you can keep guinea fowl? We have no ticks -- NO ticks due to happy free ranging guineas. It is a comfort when lyme disease has become so prevalent.

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks, LJB - Guinea fowl wouldn't last long around here - My neighbor says it would be like opening a deli for the coyotes and foxes. We back right up to a wildlife preserve. Great trail riding, but it's a land full of deer.