Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wintering Ground

Yesterday, I was in a store in town where I started talking to a tall, thin man who began explaining about clearing bad energy out of a house.  I told him that it wasn’t a problem for us because we lived on land that I thought had a unique and sacred peacefulness in it.  He looked down and hesitantly said he could feel that. Almost apologetically, he told me that he is a medium and that I live on land which was the wintering ground for a group of Native Americans. He told me that they were speaking to him right now. There was a strong female energy contacting him, and that they wanted him to tell me that they watched over us.

When the weather gets warm, they leave to go to the Hudson River for the summer, but they come back to our property every winter.  He suggested that on the Spring Equinox, I might want to honor the Native American women with some kind of blessing ceremony to thank them.  I promised that I would do something special for them.

I asked him if they had horses with them. He said, of course, but you know that the horse is your spirit guide, don't you?  I told him that I had kind of figured that out.  There are Native American horses buried in your land, he said. They stay to watch over you when the other spirits go to the water in the warm weather. I thanked him for telling me all of this.

Not at all what I was expecting when I went to the store, but it made my day. It snowed last night, and when I got to the barn this morning, I looked up at the cedar grove and said good morning to my new friends.


Lori Skoog said...

So interesting. The energy is right there and you have felt it all along.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's so interesting. I wonder if the medium would come to your house and tell you even more about the lands history.

Victoria Cummings said...

Lori - Many people who come here feel it.
Arlene - I'm going to go to our library and see if I can learn more about this. I'm fascinated by the history of this piece of land.