Thursday, July 4, 2013

What's New, Tiger Lily?

It’s a good year for the lilies. I am finding delight in the bursts of orange cheerfully appearing in random patches in our yard and along the country roads at this time of summer. The wild raspberries are soon to follow.

 This is not our usual 4th of July. Last night, our 17-year old daughter flew across the world to Japan to begin a three-week adventure as one of five American kids chosen to be Junior Fellows by the Japan Society. It was a 14-hour flight, and I woke up about every two hours, marveling that she still has 8 more hours, six more, four more, two more before she lands. I thought about how long it takes to fly to Chicago or LA, and with each sleepless hour, it felt like she was going further and further away. Finally, at 4:30 am, she texted us to say that she had arrived and she loved us. Relieved, but wide awake, I got up to make a pot of coffee.

 I began thinking about love.  The lesson I learned earlier this summer was how deep and strong the love is between me and my husband. It took two summers in a row in which he almost died (Lyme Disease that went to his heart last year and the crazy tractor accident two months ago) for me to really get it deep in my bones that this is what real love is all about.  Now, in proudly watching my daughter bloom and leave the nest, I know that I will be getting another lesson in love. This one is about letting go.  As much as I already miss her, I know that she is ready to fly and I need to trust that she will always want to come home to tell us all about what she saw and what she did and what she learned.

Meanwhile, the horses are very happy that I am paying so much attention to them.

“To live in this world

                           you must be able
                           to do three things
                           to love what is mortal;
                           to hold it

                           against your bones knowing
                           your own life depends on it;
                           and, when the time comes to let it go,
                           to let it go.”

                           ––Mary Oliver


billie hinton said...

Beautiful post. I love that Mary Oliver passage. It is true and it's the time in my life when I'm facing it a lot more than I used to have to do. Safe travels to your daughter, safe nesting to you and the crew at home!

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks Billie - I know with your son going off to college soon, you are feeling the same way. We invested ourselves in them for many years, now we just have to have faith that what we put in actually stuck to them. I'm very lucky to have such a great kid!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The tiger lilies are beautiful this time of year. I love seeing them lining the country roads around here.

I hope your daughter has a wonderful adventure in Japan. It's hard to watch them leave but it would be worse, I think, to never have them try new things and spread their wings. She'll be back soon with a great experience and memories to share with you and your husband.

Victoria Cummings said...

So true, Arlene - Maybe while she's away, her mom and dad can play. Let's get together soon. And as for the tiger lilies, my friend refers to them as "ditch lilies", true but not exotic enough for me. Happy 4th!

Lori Skoog said...

You have it all figured out Victoria. You must be so proud of your daughter! I sure hope your husband is doing well and stays out of trouble for the next few decades.
We have hundreds of certainly has been a banner year for them. Keep busy with those ponies. Did you line drive them yet?

Oak in the Seed said...

Your daughter was brought up by love, the most fertile ground in which to grow, and she is.
I love the wild lilies that "neither sow nor spin nor gather into barns" and our wet weather this year has made them prosper.
Hope you and your husband continue on your own wild path well!