Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter At Last

It’s hard to believe that January is three-quarters over and we’re just getting the first real snow of the winter. It’s a soft, fluffy, gentle snow, and I have to admit that I enjoyed going out to the barn early this morning before the rest of the world was awake.

I was lucky to get a new Mountain Horse winter parka as a Christmas gift this year. It feels like I’m in a cave when I wear it with the hood up. It’s so cozy and waterproof that I am ready to venture out regardless of what Mother Nature throws down in my path.

Stella and Siete are snow bunnies. The puppy leaps into the air and tries to eat the snowflakes as they fly through the air. My little horse races around in the pasture, flinging snow and then running to catch it. I keep trying to photograph her, but she’s so fast that I just get a blur. Silk peers warily out of her stall door, forever the California Princess who hates to get her feet cold.

There’s no pressure on days like this. We don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. The fire is burning, and I just made some muffins and another pot of coffee. It’s a good day to be a couch potato.

I just received a note from an old friend, who sent this quote:

"If you let go a little
you will have a little happiness.
If you let go a lot you will have a lot of happiness.
If you let go completely you will be free."
Ajahn Chah


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Lovely quote. :)

Enjoy your winter wonderland. (Have you tried panning your shots of Siete?)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Stella looks like she's having a ball playing in the snow. Wish Siete would slow down so you could get a picture of her. Poor Silk, guess she doesn't like the cold and snow. Ours seem to be hanging out in the sheds today only venturing out to eat some hay. Sounds like your having a nice relaxing cozy day inside. We are too.

Wonderful quote.

Lori Skoog said...

Light, fluffy snow is the best kind.
That quote is right on the money.

PS. I feed the horses Vit. E. Selenium and magnesium...1 scoop each morning.

billie said...

Love that quote and the image of you with your own little warm cave walking out into the cold snowy morning to see your horses!!

Oak in the Seed said...

This was a weekend to be cozy and warm with our animals. Maybe Silk would enjoy some time next to you by the fireplace while she watches her daughter and Stella romp in the snow!