Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Off to See the Wizard

It was an unexpected delight to see everyone dressed in costume when I visited my mom at the nursing home last Thursday. These folks really take Halloween seriously, planning their costumes and the party from year to year. The nurses and doctors and almost all the people working there, including the therapy dog, were very imaginative and enthusiastic about it. I just missed a parade of children from a local pre-school who came to trick or treat. The residents were given candy to hand out, and also got to choose their own costumes from an impressive and huge selection. My mother was dressed as a Wizard when I walked in and having the time of her life. I haven’t seen her that happy in years. What a change from a couple of months ago, and what a relief for me to know that she’s enjoying her new life.

Silk is also doing better. It’s been just below freezing the last couple of nights, but I decided to hold off from blanketing the girls. Even though I dragged the rugs out to the barn, I changed my mind at the last minute. They are growing thick winter coats and there wasn’t any wind, so I opted to wait until it gets colder. This morning, they both seemed fine, although I wasn’t smart enough to blanket myself with a heavier coat and some gloves and it was pretty chilly. The water buckets iced up yesterday, so I replaced them with the heated ones. Both horses drank a lot last night, since they love their “tea”.

I was reflecting on how fast the time has gone as I gave Silk and Siete some extra hay to get their furnaces going. It seems like I was just doing this last winter, and here I am back at it again. We lit our first fire in the fireplace on Sunday night, which made me really miss not having my mother at home with us. She loves sitting in front of the fire. Old rituals will be replaced this year with new ones, as the holidays approach. I’ve been trying hard not to miss what has passed, whether it’s warm summer days in the garden or little things that my mom and I liked to do together around here that we can't do anymore. Each time I do them by myself, I try to find a way to honor her without sadness. The Halloween party at the nursing home helped remind me that they also have their traditions up there, which are fun and joyful. It will be up to our family to expand ourselves to join in and create new rituals that we can share together this year.

In the early darkness this morning, Silk was so soft, and rubbing my cold hands on her furry neck, I vowed to accept whatever happens next with a spirit of openness and thanks. Things are different around here, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting better.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Your mom looks like she's enjoying herself in her new home. I'll bet everyone had a fun Halloween.

Glad to hear that Silk is doing better. Hope her new hoof treatment works for her. It's amazing how fast the seasons roll around as we get older isn't it? There's so much preparation we haven't done yet for winter and before we get caught unawares we had better get to it.We haven't blanketed yet either, they have such thick coats already they won't be cold enough for blankets just yet.

Lori Skoog said...

It was good to see a picture of your Mom...and enjoying herself! I'm sure it has not been easy for either of you...there is no way to get around a period of adjustment. We have been having fires everyday for weeks...usually starting in the late afternoon. It certainly puts me in a different place. Sounds like you and the ponies are doing well. Nice to read an update.

Wolfie said...

Your mom looks great and how relieved you must be to know that she has embraced her new way of life. With your mom settled in, there are going to be a number of firsts this year for you when it comes to rituals. Change can be good. Glad Silk is doing much better.

Anonymous said...

Glad your mom is comfortable and happy in her new place. Very glad to hear that Silk seems to be a bit better. Changes are hard, particularly when they involved important family members - perhaps you can create some new holiday rituals!

billie said...

I'm so glad your mom is doing well in her new setting - when my grandmother went into a nursing home, she was very upset about the move and the change - but very quickly she began to love all the attention and the social opportunities she hadn't had living at home. My mom was very torn about the change too, but the nursing staff called her frequently to let her know tidbits that made her feel better - one was at midnight at the end of a Friday night dance - during which my 91-year old grandmother had danced the entire night and would not leave the dance floor even though the band was ready to stop and go home!

The fact that your mom's new home has a therapy dog says a lot of positive things to me. Take care of yourself and keep up your wonderful spirit of allowing for the new.

Big hug to Silk too - Salina is on a newly tweaked diet regime and new turn-out routine and she is really moving well and in good spirits. Each day we rally with her I thank the universe. Living with the older women in our lives is very rich but also hard - and a real lesson in acceptance and simply enjoying the moments that are good.

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Callie said...

Nice to hear Silk is doing better and what wonderful things for your Mom! She looks happy........be happy for her. Adjustment is never easy, but it sounds as if it's coming along. ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to hear that your mom is settling in. She does look happy in that pic.

Also glad to hear that Silk is better and that you are adjusting to the changes in your life too. I wish I could let go of my dread about winter coming. I used to really enjoy that time of year.

Merri said...

that is soooo sweet about your mom. thanks for posting that picture... reminds me of my mom a while back
: )
- The Equestrian Vagabond