Friday, March 26, 2010

More Sun Please

The ground is so saturated from all the rain that we’ve been having that water is just bubbling up in the horses’ stalls. Even the magical drainage ditch around the barn is still full of water, despite my frequent efforts to keep it flowing. We had a few days of sun, but more rain last night. Siete’s stall is worse than Silk’s, and she’s not a happy camper.

As soon as the sun comes out, the girls lie down in the pasture. I don’t think that Siete can get comfortable at night. Her usual secure routine has been disturbed. Now, the temperatures are dropping down into the 20’s tonight, so I’m wondering if I’ll have to contend with ice by tomorrow morning. Frankly, it’s getting to be a bit too much for all of us around here.

My computer is also in a funk. Without warning, the dear old laptop makes a small popping noise and the screen goes blank. It may need to have the logic board replaced. Don’t you wish that there were some people who could also be scheduled to have their logic boards replaced? It’s been a difficult week.

What I need right now is some nice and easy.

PS- I just noticed that Siete is lying in the same position in this photo as she was in the one posted in my profile to the right of it showing her when she was first born, with her mother behind her. What a difference 7 years makes - but she's still our baby!


Anonymous said...

Hope the water situation improves for you soon - we're just coming out of the Big Mud ourselves.

billie said...

Sending dry thoughts - we are having a light rain today but we need some, so I'm biting my tongue wrt complaint!

We're in the midst of resurfacing stall floors beneath mats and so are having to play musical stalls to keep everyone dry today.

Love Siete's mirror positions!

detroit dog said...

They look happy for Spring!

You've had some crazy weather this season. Wishing you all some sun and warmth and dryness real soon.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures of Siete and Silk. I wish the weather was better too. I'm not happy about this cold weather, it was so nice and now this freezing again. Maybe it's winter's last gasp.

Merri said...

shoot all you need is one day of wind like we've had for 24 hours and it will dry things right up. in fact, it's been blowing so hard here the wind just might reach you!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

deejbrown said...

Hope Siete & Silk get their dry bedrooms back soon!

Lori Skoog said...

Victoria...enough is enough. Wish I could send you some nice and easy! It may go into the teens here tonight. Crazy weather....At least our stalls are dry. Have you ever tried to build a frame in yours and fill them with stonedust to get them
higher? I sure hope things improve quickly.

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks Everyone - The freeze last night actually helped things a bit. Of course, it will all melt today.
Lori - That's exactly what we did when we moved in here. We laid down stone dust for the drainage. It's eroded and now, this summer, we need to do it again, along with re-grading the corral. Big job, but after this mess, I'm ready for it!

billie said...

I forgot to mention that my iBook did exactly what you're describing - there would be a little pop sound and it would go black! It was almost like getting a cosmic message from the universe via the computer.

Supposedly if you take/ship it in, Apple will replace everything that needs replacing for a flat fee of $300, but we decided not to do that since it was fairly old and I wanted a desktop so I could get more ergonomically savvy. (was having numbness in fingers from resting my wrists on laptop edge)

I used the iBook as my travel computer for a couple more years but it also had an issue with the cable going from computer body to screen and it is for now fully retired. It had a long, useful life! :)

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks, Billie - I think I'm at the same place since my computer is 5 years old and works hard every day. I'll go for another laptop though since I like to write in odd places, like my bed.

Ishtar said...

How about 2010 turning nice and easy for all? :-)
Sending you a warm hug from Sweden!

Paint Girl said...

I get so tired of the wet and mud. I just wish it would all go away! Actually I just wish that there was a cheaper way to deal with it. We will be putting in more french drains this year, and bringing in tons of gravel, again! It just doesn't last long. It doesn't help that we have underground springs, and there is so much water flowing throughout all the properties here.
Hope it dries out your way!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have been there with water in my horses stalls. Sorry you're still struggling with that. I think the horses tolerate it better than we humans do.

I'm with you about logic boards. Makes sense to me.

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you're having a time of it! I hope spring arrives soon and stays! We've had a week of wind and rain too, the pastures are all nasty again. Bad weather makes everyone a bit cranky.
I keep waiting for my laptop to do something like that---it is so loaded with photos! ;)
I hope you had a happy Easter!