Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Snow Day

If the Universe is sending me a message over and over in these last few days, it is that in an instant, everything can change. Yesterday, I was outside with the horses wearing only a sweatshirt, preparing for another storm. It’s always sort of magical to me that I can go to sleep at night with the world outside my window looking one way and then, in complete silence, the entire landscape is transformed, blanketed and beautiful.

As much as I complain about winter this year, there are always a few moments of delight when I see the snow falling and the perfect, pristine white expanse. The thought of “appreciate this while it’s here” is being drilled into me on so many different levels right now. What’s equally important is that I’m feeling a shift in energy around here in the last few days that opens me up to feeling hopeful and to being able to imagine and plan for the future. Maybe it takes going deep inside and asking myself what’s really important that allows the darkness and fog to clear. Maybe it’s reminding myself that I am not going to sink and drown despite anyone else's mood and problems. I’ve taken some time to go back to re-examine what my goals were a year ago and whether that’s still the direction I want to head. Some of these goals are still where my heart is, but others have shifted or fallen by the wayside.

I feel like I’m coming up from hibernation. As I walked along the path to the barn yesterday, I noticed the iris bulbs have started sprouting in the dirt and the lilac bushes are full of buds. At first, I thought, oh no, they will all die when it snows again tomorrow. Then, I realized that they would be fine and that this happens every year, so they will get through it. Despite a few setbacks, they will grow and bloom when the time is right.

Silk and Siete are accepting and patient today about the disappearance of those wonderful small bits of grass they nibbled in the pasture yesterday. Unfortunately, they don’t love the hay that I picked up for them on Sunday. Siete pooped all over hers. Silk knew that it’s all they’ve got, so she’s eating it. I reminded young Siete to just be thankful that they have hay as nice as this, but I didn’t need to tell that to my old red mare. She understands this life lesson a lot better than I do.


detroit dog said...

Wonderful post, Victoria, and a beautiful view.

Merri said...

I had to get up at 3 AM to check on a horse - out into a swirling windy big fat wet snowflake blizzard, and woke up to the same thing - another snow day. woohoo! I love it most when I wake up to an unexpected snow cover.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

deejbrown said...

"...Despite a few setbacks, they will grow and bloom when the time is right."
As do we... Thank you for a lovely and thoughtful post!

marry said...

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Wolfie said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it.

Callie said...

Now, I've got to check out my lilac bushes for buds now, LOL! It does look pretty! We too got a fresh dollop of snow yesterday. Although I look forward to spring, I do not look forward to massive mud and poo removal this year!

Pony Girl said...

I can't believe ya'all are getting more snow! We've gotten none this year at all.
I think it's funny how picky horses are over hay, especially if it's good hay. :) My sister's mares are pretty picky. My Boy will eat pretty much anything, LOL! That must be an Appy trait.

Kate said...

You have an award waiting over on my blog - if you're willing!

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