Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Benefits of Deep Listening

I had to go into New York City for a meeting yesterday. I followed my usual routine of greeting the horses and feeding them on a gorgeous summer day. Then, I took the train down to the city and arrived mid-morning. I walked down Park Avenue, took care of business and walked back to Grand Central Station.

The weather was perfect. New York City was enjoying summer in all its glory. I was grateful to live so close to one of my favorite places on earth. But I was even more grateful to get back on the train, leave the city and return to the country and my horses. I don’t think that I could find what I need to cope with all of life’s challenges living in an apartment with only Central Park as a green escape. For 16 years, it was more than enough. Now, it couldn’t begin to satisfy my soul.

What I appreciate so much about being able to just walk out my back door and be in nature is the ability to instantly find a way to go into a state of “deep listening”. I love this expression that I learned from a very wise woman named Sandra Ingerman. She writes a newsletter each month, and this is what she said in her most recent one:

“There is so much we must attend to in our spiritual evolution during such a time of great change. I am sure you can see that changes keep increasing and getting more dramatic. And it is so important to follow your inner wisdom and guidance right now. It is essential in order to thrive to watch omens, trust your deep inner feelings, keep listening to the inner messages you are getting.”

“Working with the elements in nature is a great way to move into what indigenous people call “deep listening”. Nature can move us into a trance state where our rational mind quiets down and we can listen to the deep guidance rising from within... Sitting in the breezes or winds of summer – just listening – allowing your ordinary thoughts to fly away and be replaced by your inner voice can provide guidance for you right now.”

The first thing I did when I got back from the city last night was to go to the barn and pick out the horses’ hooves. They were happy I was home, and so was I. It always is a marvel to me that I can be transported so quickly from one world to the other. The big news while I was gone was that a large coyote strolled by the barn in the middle of the afternoon and that my husband got poison ivy in his eye while he was clearing a bridle trail for me in the woods behind our property. Both events were cause for alarm, but they also reminded me of the differences in my existence between city dwelling and country living. As a refreshingly cool breeze blew through the window over my bed, I fell asleep with big plans for a weekend of “deep listening”.


Kate said...

Lovely post - thank you!

Lori Skoog said...

I like the idea of "deep listening" and paying attention to inner feelings. Very nice post Victoria.

deejbrown said...

A great reminder that Nature can be the biggest healer. Thanks for yet another lovely post!

Ewa said...

Great post - this way I made many decisions, but I didn;t know the term 'deep listening'. Thanks for this post :)

jane augenstein said...

Beautiful post!

Sally said...

"Deep listening" Never had a name for it, but it's wonderful to be out of town and hear yourself think! I'm all about the simple things in life.

Jim Quinlan said...

Good reminder to keep our "Deep Listening" ears turned on. Once again great Blog Victoria. Thanks !


John and Regina Zdravich said...

it is nice that you have the best of both worlds. We live about an hour from Chicago, and have friends with homes there, so we can experience a bit of that as well. But as soon as we get home and turn onto the gravel lane that leads to our house, there is a sigh of pleasure to be "home" among nature. People do actually need nature to calm them. I believe there have been studies done....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, indeed. Sandra Ingerman does sound very wise. And such a good message for all of us to keep in mind as life gets busy and we get caught up in the every day 'stuff'.

Thank you for sharing this message. And I'm glad you have such a unique opportunity to move seamlessly between two such very different environments.


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Though I think I want to plant some raspberries now, after you mentioned yours. A peach-raspberry smoothie or trifle sounds sublime, doesn't it?

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Grey Horse Matters said...

A good message to take to heart.

Hope your husbands eye is healing that has to be miserable.